Have you ever tried MIO Liquid Water Enhancer

I’ll be the first to admit that water does not need to be “enhanced.”  It’s made just like it is on purpose….BUT sometimes you just want to drink something with more flavor.  MiO is gluten-free and calorie free.  I was so excited to try it, and when I did, I was totally disappointed.  The flavor was just too strong.  It stayed in my cabinet for a month.  Then one day I got thirsty, and was tired of drinking water.  So, I tried it again.  Much to my surprise it was so refreshing!  I had added way too much liquid the first time around.  The cool part is that you can flavor your water to you liking with as many or as few squirts as you like.  Personally, I like just a few, so that the water has a nice hint of flavor.  Try it out and let me know what you think?

  1. I tried MIO and I didn’t care for it. Neither flavor worked for me so I started back with Crystal Light or I add Seltzer H20 with fruit juice.

  2. I love Mio!!! The trick is to just use a small amount. I love the stawberry watermelon and berry pomegranate flavours!

  3. I have to agree with Linda. The MiO was alright, and a little dab will definitely do but I love love LOVE club soda water with a splash of juice! It gives that little bit sweet and the fizziness that I crave in a soda while still being refreshing and you can control the amount of calories in it.

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