Today at work I got the urge to go to the gym. How often does that happen? It probably had something to do with the donut guilt that was starting to set in. I had a protein shake with fruit for breakfast and a decent lunch, BBQ chicken with a small side of spaghetti. But, there is a local mom and pop donut shop that calls out to me from time to time. They have a chocolate brownie cupcake that should just be called “sin and guilt.” But, it’s delicious and I fell victim to the chocolaty goodness covered with chocolate icing and pecans…again. I was already feeling bad before the last bite. WHY do I do this to myself??

On the way home from work, I recruited my little sister to join me at the gym. She was busy with church stuff, so it was all up to me. I guess I’ll have to get used to that since she’s going away to college next week! I knew that I would need to go straight home and change into my workout clothes immediately; no TV, no sitting down, no wasting time.  I was excited to listen to my new audio book I downloaded called Gone Girl while working out.

My last fiction book was Fifty Shades of Grey, which I kindly refer to as 50 Shades of Garbage. E.L. James is a good page turning story teller, I finished the raunchy little book in days, but it’s literally the worst published writing I EVER seen.  And the conclusion (or lack thereof) frustrated me beyond reason.  Anyway, I quickly changed into my workout clothes, before I remembered that my gym shoes were starting to wear and get old. What better motivation for the gym, than to get new shoes? So, I went to a local running store. I took my old shoes so they could see what I was used to running in. We decided that Zoot Running Shoeswould be the best fit. I got the Men’s version because they’re wider and a better fit for my feet.

They are designed for competing in triathlons.   I don’t plan on doing a triathlon anytime soon, but the shoes have cool features like a tongue that doesn’t move,  strings you don’t have to tie and asymmetrical lacing that goes along with the natural contours of your feet.  And, they looked cool.  I had all the motivation I needed to get back in the gym after weeks? or has it been months? of not going.  I walked in feeling a little guilty, but just like church, the gym will welcome you back every time, despite your absence.   Since it had been so long, I did an easy 30 minutes on the elliptical machine.  It wasn’t too hard at all.  My new shoes felt good, and I enjoyed the audio book instead of music. So far, it’s a really good book! I can connect with the characters already.   I worked up a good sweat, probably not 2 donuts worth of sweat, but it was still a very good workout. 

  1. Love the shoes! Don’t beat yourself up–we are all human and not perfect. The most important part of this is that you were aware of your actions and supplemented with exercise!

  2. happy birthday sweetie! nice shoes… I heard Gone Girl was good…. Fifty Shades has three books believe it or not,…haven’t read them yet. My 16 yo daughter has seen snippets on tumblr and says it’s crap…everyone says they think Fifty Shades is terrible…both times they read it! haha

    Good for you reading and exercising! I’ve happily made it to spin class 3 days last week and by tomorrow, it will be 3 days this week! Just feeling more healthy…haven’t stepped on the scale in two weeks thanks to one of your posts!

    so….have some birthday cake today and enjoy yourself! You are a really good person inspiring many of us out here in the interweb! xoxo Mama Helen

  3. Thank you Melissa! Like they say, don’t let perfect become the enemy of good.

  4. Hey Mama Helen!!! Gone Girl is super good so far. Spin class 3 days in one week? OMG, thats fantastic. I already told y’all I took my first and last spin class way back in college. Maybe one day, I’ll try again. lol, but it still sounds scary. Awww ….I’m so glad that scale post was able to help so many people. I didn’t mention it in the post but when I went to my WW meeting Monday, I was down a pound. I had gained 3 pounds, in mexico, but since i had been back and off the scale, I lost a pound. I had some cake and enjoyed it, guilt free. And I only had one piece. Like you always tell me, Baby Steps. 🙂 One Day I will get there!

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