I’m sure all of you have heard of Oprah Winfrey and that she has her OWN network on cable television. One of her shows is called “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” After a successful run of 25 years with her own television talk show, Oprah decided to end it at it’s peak and move on to her next adventure.  I feel like I can relate.  Although I did not have the best talk show in the world for 25 years, I’m ready for the next chapter of my life.

After going back and forth for more than a year, I finally decided to get rid of my multi-family apartment building.  Since I was 25, I’ve invested so much time, energy and money into the property.  It feels like a divorce, I initially signed up for the long run, but due to irreconcilable differences, we have to separate.  And the kids caught in the middle are my tenants…These last few days were really emotional for me, realizing that it was actually coming to an end.  However, I know that this is what’s best. I got into the real estate game without ever having a true passion for it.  I don’t even like to get dirty.  Through the years, it has drained me because I had the wrong motivation.  Even in these last few days I had to deal with crazy tenants threatening to sue me for stealing their TV.  *Sigh* Of course I didn’t steal anything, and as usual, they were looking to get something out of nothing.  Sometimes, I let you guys in on a few of my zany tenant stories, but for the most part, I didn’t blog about it much because it was rarely positive.  But, in reality, being a landlord consumed much of my life.

Now, I have time to focus on my true passions and develop my skills as a writer. I need to finish my podcasts, finish my e-book, work on my new cooking blog! This was one of my first weekends without being consumed with leaky pipes and chasing down unpaid rent.  At first, I was feeling kind of bad, like I had quit or given up on my business, but now, I feel free! I still own my personal home, and I have a new piece of mind. I feel like I should’ve made the decision a long time ago. Now I have time to focus on my blog, my health, my passions and my future.  Although it was hard to let go of something that I spent so many years trying to develop, I’m confident that I’ve made the right decision.  I told my Mom, that I sometimes feel guilty when I’m working on my blog or one of my fun Fat to Fit to Fierce projects, and she reminded me that that’s how you know when you’re doing the right thing.  It’s hard work, it helps people, but it still feels like fun.  Sometimes the best thing you can do is know when to say enough is enough.  I’m ready for my Next Chapter!

  1. So proud of you, congrats on knowing what path you need to follow. I look forward to your next chapter!

  2. Thank you Lori for your support!

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