Hey Everybody!! I got my braces off! So I definitely have a reason to smile. They even threw in free teeth whitening.

I love my new smile. I had braces when I was 20, but didn’t wear my retainer. Who knew you had to wear the retainer every freakin’ night for the rest of your life?! Anyway, this time, I have a permanent retainer installed behind my teeth, so that they won’t revert back to original position.

And, because I like to over-share, here are some kinda gross, but cool pics of my teeth before, during and after braces!



  1. WoooHooo!!!!! Looks really great!!!! So happy for you!!! Wonderful smile!

  2. Wow Congrats on getting your braces off!!!! You look AMAZING!!! I believe in Affirmations!!! Always have…always will….keep up the good work…if you do the work..you get the results….My DAILY affirmations:…I am beautiful, I am talented, I am wonderful, I am worthy, I deserve wonderful things…I am special because I’m God’s kid…I love you Cleo, I love you Cleo I LOVE YOU CLEO….every day in the mirror….I used to cry when I said it…but I don’t anymore….I really truly believe it….and for that….I’m GRATEFUL!!! ALWAYS love ur writing…pls don’t ever take that away from us!!! 🙂

  3. Thanks Tammy! Sorry, for the delayed reply, I hadn’t logged on for a while. I’m still smiling tho lol

  4. Thank you such much Auntie! I will keep writing, it’s people like you who make me feel like it’s worth it. I don’t know if I’ve EVER said I love you to my self. how interesting….and we see your affirmations are working for you. You look great!! Thanks for lunch today. 🙂

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