I have a new Delicious Discovery! I know I haven’t had one in forever, but this one is worth the wait. Salads bore me. I buy the lettuce and I’m ashamed to say too often it wilts and I throw it out. When I was in the frozen meal section, I saw a box that caught my attention. Lean Cuisine Salad Additions. “Simply Add Your Lettuce” the box said. Hmmm that sounds interesting. I’ve heard of “just add water,” but not “Just add lettuce.” I picked up 3 different types and a bag of spinach salad mix.

The first one I tried was Southwest-style chicken. It came with chipotle ranch dressing that you unthaw while you heat the seasoned chicken and veggies in the microwave. Then you top your lettuce with the chicken mix, the salad dressing and crispy tortilla strips. It was yummy! And a super easy, fast, low-calorie way to dress up a dull salad. Have you tried these? What do you think?



  1. I just saw these over the weekend in my local store–glad you posted about them. If you follow this link here, you can print a coupon! I think I may pick a few up this week.


  2. Thanks Melissa! I ate the last one yesterday. My only complaint is that the huge box takes up a lot of room in the freezer…

  3. Oooh! Those look tasty! I just might have to look for those this week. . .

  4. I went to the farmers market today and loaded up on spinach. I’m going to buy some more of these to go with my spinach.

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