My Gym Cousin and I decided to meet at the gym. I was already running late and was too lazy to do laundry the night before. So, I put on the only thing that was clean, some workout pants that were probably a size too small. I threw an identical clean pair into my gym bag just in case something happened with the pair I was wearing. They were only tight around the waist, so I thought I might get away with it. I ran down and got into my car. As soon as I sat down in the seat I heard a huge ripping sound. Dang it! The pants were obviously too tight all over, not just in the waist. I went back in the house, and the only  other thing clean was a some of basketball shorts. It was only 30 something degrees outside, so I slipped my jeans over the top of them so I wouldn’t freeze, there was still snow on the ground.  I totally did not want to workout today, especially since I went to the gym yesterday, but making the appointment to meet someone else there gives you a lot more motivation.

When I got to the gym, my cousin was over in the free weights. I was so super late, but he didn’t seem to mind, and I had given him a heads up about my tardiness. I still probably would’ve been so irritated with somebody being 20 minutes late, but he was just fine. I went in the locker room slipped out of the jeans, pulled out my iPod and we met over in the treadmill section. We trained in sync with my podcast, and got a good sweaty work out. He went back to the free weights and I went home. I was tired, but proud of myself that I didn’t let a potentially embarrassing moment like bursting right out of my clothes deter me from the gym.  I signed us up for the GO St. Louis 5K in April. It’s his first 5K, so I’m super excited. It’s gives me something exciting to look forward to, especially since he’s training with my podcast. Now, I need to drill down some specific days to help me stay accountable. I used to run on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. But now, I volunteer at church on some Wednesday nights, and when I looked at my Workout Calendar on my fridge I’ve worked out every Sunday for the past 5 weeks. I guess Sunday works for me. I think I’ll shoot for Sunday, Tuesday and Thursdays. Let’s see how that works!


  1. Way to work it, Carli! It’s great you are motivating your cousin to catch the running bug! How are the book sales going?
    I need to get my blog/webpage going and get your link on there.

    Keep going strong!

  2. You go girl. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am excited to get back to running tonight. Due to a chest cold I had to stop the 5k training after one day of week 3. I feel better and want to start back tonight. Should I do week 2 again or start day 1 of week 3. Thanks for sharing your ups and downs it is very motivating and I know I am not alone.
    Have a great day.

  3. Hey Valerie, Book sales are going great! I’m trying to take time to get it converted into the proper format to be sold on Amazon. I’m such a do it all person. I wanna see if I can do it myself before I hire someone. I’m sticking to the training plan. Going to the gym tonight…no excuses

  4. Angela, I would say it depends on how long you had to take a break from running. I’m glad you’re feeling better, it was good to take time off if you had a chest cold. I would probably do Day 3 of Week 2, to get your body back acclimated to running, and then go back to Week 3. Good Luck!

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