OMG! I went to the farmer’s market on my lunch break. I was looking for this lady that makes this awesome Thai stir-fried whole grain rice with vegetables, but she wasn’t there. Anyway, there a big sign that said “Piñata Apples, They’re Back!” They looked so pretty. The sign also explained that they were something like, “apples with a taste of the tropics.” That sounded interesting enough. I picked up two of them, along with my 95¢ container of strawberries and $1.50 a bunch brocoli. I grabbed a deli sandwich and when I got back to the office, I sliced the apple with an apple corer (one of the greatest inventions ever.)

And let me tell y’all, this apple was so freaking delicious, I had to share it with my co-worker. The only other apple I was this excited about was the HoneyCrisp apple. But, I actually think this one was better. SO sweet and crisp and delicious! Apparently, a Piñata Apple is a cross between three different types of apples. I’m not sure if you can find them where you live, but if you can, they’re definitely worth a try.


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