I made a promise to my Gym Cousin that I would train for our 5K while I was on vacation visiting my Big Little Sister and my niece in Florida, and I wanted to keep my word. My sister told me that the treadmill was broken in the gym at her apartment complex. I was initially bothered by that, and then realized there was no need for a treadmill when it was a breezy sunny warm day. I pulled up my website on my iPhone and played Week 4. It was weird to run outside on the pavement and not the treadmill. The ambiance was so beautiful, the weather was PERFECT, and I could see why people move to Florida to retire.


I noticed that my pace was slower, but I also was excited that I finished my first full 5 minute run. Sure it will take me longer to finish the race, but it makes no sense to force myself to go at a certain speed if I can’t physically get past the 3 minute running intervals. I’d much rather finish the race and take a little longer than run faster for a shorter distance. Once I gave myself permission to run slower, things got so much easier. I do have to accept that I’m more than 100 pounds overweight and I won’t finish in 30 minutes, and even if I finish in 45 or 50 minutes, I’m still doing a lot more than I was a few months ago when walking down the street left me winded and in pain. For the first time I finished all of the runs in Week 4. VICTORY! It made me think, okay, I really can do this.

My sister made pancakes for breakfast. I took one off my plate, and swapped it for a banana. We had a full day planned. She knows I’m a plan freak, Type-A person and already had an agenda. I wanted to get in as much activity as possible, so we went to Ponce De Leon Inlet Lighthouse & Museum.


It was so nice to experience the way things were for the lighthouse keepers in the 30’s. They even staged one of the houses to look as it did back then. Because St. Louis is such an old city, and some of the woodwork, fixtures, and claw foot tubs are what I see every day in my own turn of century 100-year-old house. After touring the nature trail and the houses, we climbed to the top of the light house. It was 203 stairs. One thing I hadn’t accounted for was how it might not be as much fun for my 4 yr old niece. She was a little fussy, but completely fearless once we made it to the top. It was a breathtaking view. Or I could have just been out of breath from climbing a million flights of steps. But, seriously, it was really pretty and totally worth it.


After the lighthouse, we went to Daytona Beach and built sand castles. The water was freezing and I didn’t really see the need for a swimsuit. I had so much fun playing with my niece, I missed her so much. 20130325-142536.jpg

The next day we met up with my Mom who was in Florida on business and we all went to Aunt Catfish’s, the food was delicious. Fresh seafood tastes so much better than what we get here in the Midwest. 20130325-142605.jpg

Then we went to the carnival arcade on the beach. My mom played games with my niece and me and my Sister had a blast playing Deal or No Deal.


Unfortunately the fun and games had to come to an end and I had to say goodbye to my family. It wasn’t too sad though, I was able to convince my niece that I had to get back to St. Louis because Nyah missed me. She was ok with that. I definitely see myself going back a couple times a year to visit.

Things were all good until I had to come home to THIS SNOW!! Florida I miss you already.




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