Today I had to remind myself of the old saying “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer, one bite at a time.  It’s possible to do seemingly impossible tasks, if you break it up into smaller increments.

So I decided to focus on today only. Those of you who struggle with weight I think will understand this list.

Today I packed a healthy breakfast for lunch and Today I actually ate the breakfast that I took to work.

Today I fought the craving to go to the local donut shop…And won

Today I wanted to spend money on fast food, but I ate the healthy lunch that I brought instead.

Today I wanted to go to the gas station and grab a sweet snack but I didn’t.

Today I quit being in denial about Slim Fast shakes and accepted that they don’t work for me and they actually make me hungry.

Today I tracked my food and drank lots if water.

Today I was discouraged about not being properly trained for my race but I went to the gym anyway

Today my little sister wanted me to cook her favorite meal since she’s home from college and I didn’t use that as an excuse not to go for a run first.

Today I prayed when I felt weak.

Today I was determined to finish Week 4 of the Couch to 5K.

Today I pushed back the fear of not crossing the finish line and focused on my run.

Today I finished Week 4 and I’m excited about the future!!

What did you do today?

  1. I love this! Here is mine:

    Today I packed up my gym bag before work even though I am tired and do not want to go.
    Today I really wanted Chinese for lunch but ate the soup I brought with me instead.
    Today I really want to just go home instead of going to the gym but I am going!
    Today I am re-starting C25K, even if it means waiting 15 min for a treadmill at the gym.
    Today I am reading Carli’s e-book to help motivate me.
    Today I tracking my food.
    Today I will eat my apple before thinking of buying candy.
    Today I will take a few minutes to sit and just be, even if I have to do it in the ladies room.
    Today I am sending out positive vibes to a few friends who are dealing with illness.

    Thank you for posting that—I may steal this for my blog but will link back to you if that is okay?

  2. Aw Melissa!! That’s awesome, I’m so glad that someone could relate. You can definitely share on your blog. Soup over Chinese? way to go! and of course thanks for buying my book 🙂

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