Ladies and Gentleman, I had a date last night! A real date with a List guy. I’m talking about my “What I’d Like to Have in a Man list.” Preferably, a career, not living with his Mama, has a car, Christian, smart, drug-free, respects my entrepreneurial spirit, no kids etc. I was still cautiously optimistic though, I realize that having all the stuff on the list doesn’t make you a perfect fit. My last date with a List guy was so dull. He had his life together, but we just didn’t click. After spending all day together and giving him a grand tour of St. Louis, I asked him “So what did you think?!” and he replied “Not bad…” Not bad? I thought, Really? That’s all you have to say about our 6 hour date? Not bad? I was offended, I had put a lot of work into planning a nice day. And then I realized, I felt the same way. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really good either. *shrug* Needless to say that was our last date. Anyway, back to the present. Once my date was confirmed late in the afternoon I canceled my Insanity workout with my Gym Cousin. He was like “Grrrr, I’m trying to get skinny!” I reminded him that I’m trying to get a man. LOL! I’m almost 32 years old, play time is over!

Me and the new List guy met up at a local bar and grill for a casual meet and greet over drinks. We met a few days ago online. He’s an Aerospace Engineer, very laid back and chill. We clicked and the conversation was easy. He’s originally from Jamaica. Of course the usual big question at the end of a first date is always whether there will be a second date. I didn’t have to wonder, because he asked when I was free again and said he wanted to us go out again tomorrow. All I could think was wow, that’s fast but, I guess, okay. He text and made sure I made it home safely and said he would see me tomorrow. They say when a guy likes you, you’ll know… I think it’s safe to say he likes me. 🙂


When I got home, I text my Sisters and my Best Friend to let them know I was alive and that he wasn’t a creepy internet weirdo. Then I called my Gym Cousin to tell him about my date. I must have been caught up on my date high because I suggested that I still come over and do the Insanity workout. I felt bad for skipping out on him and I knew I’d be skipping out again the next evening for date #2. He had just come home from the gym and it was late. Would you BELIEVE this dude said yes?! Silly me for asking a workout-aholic if he wanted to work out. I let Nyah out, got undressed and then redressed in my fitness clothes and drove over to his house around the corner. The routine seemed so familiar to both of us, but we kept at it. Even with two fans, the sweat still rolled down my face and my shoulders. The intensity of this workout catches me off guard every time. How is it possible to be drenched in sweat in under 5 minutes?? We both encouraged each other to push through to the end. “If you can’t touch the floor, at least move faster,” my cousin said. And later I told him, “Oh no you won’t leave me down here doing push ups by myself! Come on, get down here with me.” I felt like I redeemed myself by showing up and giving 100%, so that I wouldn’t get my Gym Buddy/Cousin card revoked. We’re both such night owls, we sat up recuperating, rehydrating and chatting about nothing until midnight before I finally pried my sore body of the couch and went home. I went to check off the routine on the Insanity workout calendar posted on my fridge and realized that we had done the same DVD routine twice! No wonder it looked familiar. Hopefully next time we’ll pay enough attention and move on to the next disc….Date night with an awesome guy? Check! No excuses workout? Check!


  1. WINNER!!! You are truly a winner!!! Self worth is an amazing thing…how quickly we women can put ourselves on hold for a date or anything else…but you put you FIRST. Thanks for being a great example..that look how easy it is to put ourselves on the back burner..

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Thanks Auntie! I appreciate the support!