Hey Guys! My second date with The List Guy went well.  Is that weird to call him “The List Guy?” I don’t know?  I hope not, you guys know I give everyone on my blog a fun name; Myself as Carli Fierce, my Gym Cousin, My Shopping Cousin, My Big Little Sister etc.  Anyway, for now he’s The List Guy.   He’s very affectionate; as we walked through the restaurant, he wrapped his arm around my waist.  And then he held my hand as we walked to the parking lot after dinner.   Awwww, he’s so sweet.  I feel totally comfortable around him.   I definitely see a 3rd date in our near future.  I’m so excited about dating a good guy!

Needless to say we sat there talking long after dinner was over and I didn’t get to work out that day.  However, the next night my Gym Cousin was not having it.  Although, he had already been to the gym and I had a professional happy hour that left me sleepy after a glass of wine, he did not care.  He harassed the pee outta me, texting and calling!  I had no choice but to go over his house for our Insanity DVD workout.  Y’all know that I don’t usually go to sleep before midnight, and I had been out 3 nights in a row in the middle of the work week.  My body was like, “Hey Carli, girl you are not college age, sit your self down somewhere.” I was exhausted and comfortable sitting on the couch, I would have rather done just about anything other than workout with Shaun T.  Thank GOD, it was a recovery day.  Luckily, we didn’t have to do any jumping or running.  We had to do a lot of yoga moves and stretching.  But don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy breezy, it was still very hard.  And, there was still an insane amount of sweat.  As soon as either one of us would do an exercise and say “oh that wasn’t too bad,” Shaun T would then say ok great, lets do 16 more of those, but a little faster this time.  Every time he asked “How are you guys doing?”  I had a less than enthusiastic reply…”not good…tired…sweating too much…ready to go home.”  I was definitely tired Ms. Crabby Pants.  “Sorry you don’t get the best version of me tonight,” I told my cousin.  He replied “I don’t care what version I get, as long as you’re here working out.”  Finally, the DVD was over.  According to my heart rate monitor, I burned nearly 300 calories.  That made it all seem worth it.  Even though I was annoyed that my cousin dragged my tired self out of the house in the rain at 9 o’clock at night, I had to thank him for keeping me on track.

  1. Woo hoo for Gym Cousin. I know I’d be ready to reach through the TV and smack Shaun T with that “just 16 more” BS!!!

    But having an accountability partner who has the mindset that he/she is not going to let you slide is great. Way to push through!

  2. The hardest thing to do is get up off the couch after you’ve gotten comfortable. Hooray for you and hurray to your gym cousin!

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