I Ate a Grasshopper

This morning (which was actually Saturday morning; sorry I’m just now getting a chance to post this.) I woke up with 110% drive and passion to make it to the gym. I never made it to the gym on Thursday evening as I initially planned, so I knew that today meant no excuses. I text my Gym Cousin and told him that as soon as I finished my breakfast I was on my way. I made a breakfast burrito with turkey deli meat sautéed spinach, eggs and salsa. It was yummy and had the right amount of protein and stuff to keep to keep me energized for my workout plan created by my personal trainer.


The only problem was my god brother dropped me off and I left the workout plan that the trainer wrote for me in my car. Luckily, I had looked over it so many times in disbelief that I had pretty much memorized it. I was running late, so my Gym Cousin was already there. He is so awesome, he said he would stop his routine just to join me and do the workout plan the personal trainer had written for me. We started with the five-minute warm-up walk on the treadmill. Then we went over to the weight machines. They were so foreign to me, my cousin had to help me with the settings on many of them. Man it was hard! This was so far outside of my traditional treadmill or elliptical gym workout routine. We both cycled through 15 reps on eight different machines (twice.) Then, it was time to hit the floor for planks and other core building and strengthening exercises. He tried to avoid this part, but I reminded him, “you said you were doing it with me, and this was part of it.” We set the iPhone timer and held each position for 30 seconds, as the phantom workout plan chart in my memory banks instructed us to do. We took a little break and sat there and talked for about 10 minutes after those. Lastly we got on the treadmill for 15 minutes. By this time I was freaking out because I was actually very sweaty and smelling pretty awful. I am such a girly girl I hate to stink. I kept saying “oh my God I stink.” He said “it’s okay, keep going you only have a few more minutes.” I pushed through the funk and what seem like a really long work out. I was so grateful that he was right there by my side to encourage me the whole time. Now that we were finished with my routine, he was able to go back and finish his regular routine that I had interrupted. Who knows how long that man stays at gym…

That evening I met up with my lawyer girl friend for dinner at a new Mexican restaurant called Gringo that I heard about from a lawyer at work. At first we were a little suspicious with the à la carte tacos and the weird menu items like octopus tacos and grasshopper tacos. We opted for chips and salsa, regular beef tacos and quesadillas. When the manager came by to check on us, he asked was everything okay? I told him the food was delicious although the grasshoppers on the menu did concern me. He said that he would bring me some try. I decided to be very adventurous and told him to bring them on out! I ate grasshoppers on a tortilla chip! They were sautéed, it actually tasted pretty bland. I survived, although, I was completely freaked out a few minutes later when I pulled a little fried leg from between my teeth. No more grasshoppers for me, I don’t care if they are a sustainable food source in some parts of Mexico as the menu proclaimed. As if that weren’t enough adventure for one day when we were leaving the restaurant we saw the annual Naked Bike Ride! It’s just what its sounds like hundreds of people riding their bikes in swimsuits, thongs, tutus and topless. Many participants were completely 100% totally naked! I’m still in shock at the sight!



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