Super Healthy Start to the Weekend

My weight-loss group of friends decided to start a new weight loss challenge.  We specifically planned for the challenge to last through the holidays. Our first weigh-in was scheduled for this Saturday morning at 9:30 AM.  After I let Nyah out to potty, I said that I was going to lie down for just a few more minutes, and before you know it my Facebook message alert was going Bing Bing, on my phone, waking me up. “Dang it!” It was already 9:15.   I had overslept and they were messaging me, asking if I was still attending. Luckily the meeting spot wasn’t too far away. I brushed my teeth, fluffed my hair, hit the hotspots while standing over the sink, LOL put on my gym clothes and rushed out the door.  There were still a few more ladies that arrived after me, so I didn’t feel too bad about being a half an hour late.

This time, they have really upped the ante, the wager is $100! Winner takes all for total of $600.  Last time I came in second or third place, but I really want to win this time. My head is on straight, I been working my food plan for a while now, I think I can do it. The lady hosting this week made cinnamon rolls (why??), scrambled eggs and had fresh pineapple.   I drank hot tea, ate some scrambled eggs and pineapple.

Last week wasn’t so great on the scale, I only lost .2 pounds, so I really have to crack down on my food.  Dan my trainer asked me to skip my regular Saturday Cheat Day and he gave me two work-out plans to do on my own, instead of the usual one.  After the initial weigh in meeting, I called up my Gym Cousin to meet at the gym as planned. I forgot my headphones and had to go back home first.  We were both at least a half an hour later than initially planned, so it all worked out.


Dan asked that I do 12 squats with a 35 pound kettle bell weight. At first it seemed way too heavy, certainly he must have meant 25 pounds.  I picked up the 25 pound weight, and it wasn’t really challenging.  So I figured I’d just do what I was supposed to, and my Gym Cousin used the 45 pound weight. We did four sets of 12 squats. He told me that one minute rest between each set was important, so I watched the clock between each set.  After the squats, I did the leg press machine. I set the weight to 35 pounds and did four sets with 12 repetitions each. Then it was time for the core exercises we had to do Push-ups planks, V-sits, the dreadful side planks, and the Superman. 


My cousin didn’t like my Rihanna Pandora station on my iPhone, so we listened to his eclectic mix of unedited Nicki Minaj, Gospel, and Neo-Soul. The random mix of music didn’t really matter to me, we talked over it anyway.  We had to hold each core exercise position for 30 seconds and then repeat it FIVE times. Finally at the work out I had to do 15 minutes on the elliptical. I went ahead and pedaled on the elliptical stair climber thingy that I talked about last week.  Finally, the rigorous routine was done!   I was just as tired and sweaty as I was when I finish a typical personal training session.  I told my cousin goodbye, because of course he was staying even longer.  When I was walking out the gym I heard somebody scream my name and enthusiastically say “YEAH!” Who in the world was that excited to see me all sweaty at the gym? It was Dan, who is usually not there working on a Saturday. He was so freaking happy to see me. He told me as much as I slapped him a proud high-five.  I feel super accomplished,  I avoided the sweet treats, kicked off a weight loss challenge with friends, and got in an awesome workout with my Gym Cousin, what a great way to kick off my weekend!



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