Last night I had my regular Monday training session with my Personal Trainer Dan.  It was a nice cool day, so we went outside first.  We walked to a nearby park.  Every 2 minutes or so we would alternate the walk with a jog.  I told him about some of my frustrations as we walked.  Sometimes I just get so tired of being fat and feeling like I do everything that works temporarily, but not for the long run.  He reminded me that it really does take a lot of work. 2 or 3 workouts a week really won’t cut it.  He said that I won’t have to workout like crazy forever, but there has to be a “grind season.”  He used to be 60 pounds overweight and worked out twice a day and ran 5 miles a day during his grind season.  But it’s not nearly that intense anymore unless he’s training.  He now works out 6 days a week.

“You have to work out more,” He said.  “You know,  get in the gym like your Cousin, but with a better diet”  Then he retracted, and said “Well maybe not that much time in the gym.”  We both laughed.  Y’all know my Gym Cousin works out Everyday.  Sometimes twice a day.  One of the personal training clients at the gym has lost over 100 pounds.  He told me that she works out 6 days a week, and does cardio every morning for an hour.  I was glad that he reminded me that it is possible to lose weight naturally and that I can do it.  I was starting to feel like I was failing, because I’ve been trying for so long.  He also reminded too, that I’m not failing if I’m still trying.  It was so good to hear that, because it’s really one of my favorite saying.  “I only feel failure when I stop trying.”

Once we got to the park, I had to run up a grass hill, walk down the steep stairs and jog a loop around a small pond.  The little gnats were so annoying.  I almost swallowed one. I had to do this twice, running up the hill, down the stairs and jog.  We decided not to fight the bugs anymore and headed back to the gym.  We mostly jogged back since he claimed it was “easy” to go down hill.  Then it was squat time.  He put down a step on one riser and told me to do body weight squats.   You know the step you use in the aerobics class? I had to squat down until my butt tapped it. The first time, I fell/sat all the way down.  I didn’t think it was possible to squat that low.  But apparently he did think it was possible, and I guess he was right.  After about the 3rd squat I was able to balance, concentrate, stretch and squat my bottom those few inches from the ground.  I had to do 20 of these squats followed by 20 sit ups.

After a short break, I had to do another round.  20 more squats then 20 more sit-ups. About then my Gym Cousin came over and starting talking to us.  That was a nice distraction from the tight muscle feeling in my stomach.  I know there’s a 6 pack in there somewhere. LOL, I could feel each one.  Thankfully, the longest hour ever was over!

And just in case you’ve never run with my Free Couch to 5K podcast and have no idea what my Blog Post Title means.  Here’s the song I’m playfully referencing.

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