Happy almost Christmas! Right after church on Sunday, I had a personal training session scheduled with Dan. I was in the car talking to one of my best friends on the phone, and told her I was about to go and work out. She said “I can hear in your voice that you need some motivation.”  I told her that the great part about having a personal trainer is that you don’t need a lot of self motivation on those days. I just pretty much have to show up and do what he says. It’s a lot easier when someone does the thinking for you. I guess that’s why I continue to pay him the big bucks.  Dan text me and told me to meet him at a park behind the gym because it was “not too cold today.” I looked up through the windshield at the over cast grey sky and the digital thermostat on my dashboard, that read 42°F. I wanted to text back and ask him to define “not too cold.” Instead I just replied “okay.”

I had thrown some gym clothes into my bag before church. But the Glo run 5K T-shirt and yoga pants I packed was not really cold weather-friendly. Yet, I still complied. I met him at the park and kept on my leather jacket as he told me to run a lap around the perimeter. “Of the whole park?” I asked with a sigh. “Yes,” he said casually like it was no big deal. I definitely would not be outside in the cold running in my good leather jacket if it weren’t for him. He assured me that I would warm up, and of course I did later hanging my jacket on a post.

25 lbs slam balls

When I finished running, he had a yoga mat, a 25 pound kettle bell and 25 pound slam ball waiting for me in the soggy grass. I reminded him that I still don’t like dirt and sweat. He wasn’t bothered, he’s used to my girly antics and told me to do 10 sit-ups on the mat. Then I had to run fast and hard to the kettle bell that was far enough away to look like a spot in the grass and do 20 kettle bell swings. He told me that the walk back to the weighted slam ball was my break. After 20 slams it was back to sit-ups on the mat and I had to repeat the intervals four times.

Being outside reminded me of the Saturday morning boot camp classes we used to do.  “You’re almost done he encouraged me, just about 10 more minutes.” Finally after more sit-ups, I did core exercises. I know I have a six-pack under there some where! I could feel each stomach muscle by the time we finished. I put my jacket back on by then, as it was getting pretty cold, the temperature seemed to drop. But thankfully, as he promised it was over. I still felt cold chill on my body for at least an hour after our workout.  I hadn’t felt lasting cold like that since training for my half marathon during the winter years ago.  But, I was happy I got in a workout, and had a perfect excuse to snuggle in bed with my furbaby Nyah who decided to join me for my afternoon nap.

  1. Happy Christmas Supergirl! (and yes, 42 degrees is not too cold)- love from New England

    • Hey Mama Helen! If I need a coat, it’s cold! LOL! So good to hear from you. Hope you and your family have a good holiday.

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