Hey everybody!  I mentioned on my Facebook page that I was going to start training for my next 5K today Monday, January 26.  I have so much stuff to do after work today that I had to train this morning. Guess who joined me?! My Mama!! If she’s 60 years old and she can do it, I know you can.  She told me that she hasn’t run since her high school track team.  We went to the gym and ran 8 sets of 60 second interval runs on the treadmill.

Mama at her 60th B-Day Party!

Mama at her 60th B-Day Party!

The goal for this week is to get the right gear:
1) Ladies a good sports bra will help make your run more comfortable.

2) Running shoes, not an old beat up pair from the closet but a good supportive pair with enough room for your feet to slightly swell. You should get one half-size or even a whole size larger. Not too big, but you should be able to “play the piano” with your toes.

3) A Great Podcast.  I recommend mine LOL!   You can listen directly from my site on your iPhone or your android phone.  Or you can download it to any MP3 player or iPod from your computer.

Are you running with me? Let me know!

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