Yesterday I had a friend visiting from out of town and I did not make it to the gym after going out and having a chocolate martini. So, I got up this morning and ran. Week 3 of the Couch to 5K was so freaking hard! I thought that I would have to stop running before the 3 minute interval was over, but instead of stopping, I just decreased my speed. I was sweating hard and my calves hurt, but I did it!

Later in the day my morning run felt totally worth it. I wasn’t tired or groggy at work, and it was easier to make healthier food choices since I started the day out on the right foot.

I also had to work out with Dan tonight.  When he saw me, he pointed to my face and took a deliberate step back.  “Umm, you have a piece of glitter on your face!” He was totally freaked out.  I tried not laugh, and shrugged it off as eyeshadow as I brushed it off my cheek. He explained how glitter “scares” him ever since he was a kid and a piece of glitter was stuck to his face for a month.  I thought it was hilarious that a national weight lifting champ is seriously afraid of glitter.  But he did have a good point when he asked me, “But really what is glitter??” I told him I like glitter, and that he probably didn’t want to see me outside of the gym, because I almost always wear glittery eye shadow.  But, hey who am I to judge?  I’m afraid of revolving doors.  LOL!  But I digress.  I did 20 sit-ups, 20 squats, and several side planks as a “warm up.”
It’s cool because now we know each other well enough to joke around and be silly. He knows I hate to sweat and he took me to a treadmill covered in sweat, like literally dripping sweat from the previous runner. He jokingly asked me “Would you lick this treadmill for a year of free training?” I told him “Heck yeah, I have good health insurance!” Of course I didn’t go near the gross treadmill and even skipped the one directly next to it. Then he had me do one of his favorite exercises, running on the powered off treadmill.  He was so surprised by my speed, he said “This is the fastest I’ve ever seen you run.”  I told him that I’ve been running three days a week for couple weeks now, training for my next 5K. He was quite proud. For the first time ever I wasn’t totally exhausted, and he had to tell me that the session was over.  I hate to admit it, but that morning run made me feel great!

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