One time I was confessing my food sins to my Dan my personal trainer, and I told him that I had eaten a lot of chocolate chip cookies.  And he asked where did they come from?

Me: “Ummm my freezer, you know the slice and bake kind.” (Yummy thoughts sprang up on my taste buds)

And he says “What?!” “Your freezer?” “Why in the world would you keep cookies in your freezer? You know you have issues with cookies.  If you were a crack addict would you keep crack in your freezer?

Me: stunned by the idea… “Umm I guess not…”

Dan: Right, so keep the cookie crack out of your freezer.

Why did this lesson pop in my head today, because yet again I need to go home and get the cookie crack out of my freezer.  Perhaps you have food in your pantry or freezer that causes you to overeat or steer off your food plan? If so, do yourself a favor, and get it out of the house.

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