I had so much fun dressing up like Flo from Progressive.  She personally favorited my costume picture tweet!

Here’s what you need for your Flo costume:

  1. Red lipstick (I picked up some cheap $2 lipstick and gloss at Family Dollar)
  2. White Apron with Progressive Logo (I got the apron for $6 from Michael’s craft store, printed the logo and stapled it on)
  3. White Polo Shirt (borrowed one from my Dad’s closet)
  4. White Pants (I wore blue jeans, I get too dirty to wear all white lol)
  5. I Heart Insurance Button (I got it a $2 pack of clear do it your self buttons from Michaels)
  6. Flo Name tag (I cut up an old conference name tag I found in the drawer)
  7. Auto Insurance Box (taped to a piece of a cardboard box)
  8. Blue Headband (Bought at the Beauty Supply store for $2)
  9. Perky Wig (I already had long dark brown weave)
  10. Blue Chuck Taylor All-star  Shoes (I don’t have a pair of Chucks, just wore my regular shoes)

Here’s a link to print out the name tag, apron logo and the button.

Here’s an awesome makeup tutorial.  I had fun with the eyeliner.

The costume was a hit! Thanks Flo.

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