For 21 days I committed with my church and my family to do the Daniel Fast, inspired by Daniel in the bible.  I pledged to eat no meat, dairy, sugar, sweeteners, deep fried, alcohol or processed food. This is essentially super clean vegan. I did it! (But for one chocolate chip cookie in a box lunch at work :-/

You wouldn’t believe how sugar is in EVERYTHING. We couldn’t even buy salsa without sugar unless it came from the Whole Foods grocery store. So, we cooked a lot! I even took crazy measures like tossing the M&Ms out of the trail mix pack. 

There were so many wonderful benefits of fasting. I spent more time studying with my Mom and my mind was so clear. I have new business ideas pouring out so fast I can’t decide what I want to do next. During the fast, I didn’t constantly crave food and I’m so intune with my hunger. My body feels great! I LOST 17.8 pounds in 21 DAYS. My jeans are baggy.  
 Whether Christian or not, eating the foods we were designed to eat, Fruits, veggies and whole grain can reset your body and have drastic improvements on your health and mental wellbeing.  

So what’s next for me? Gus’ Fried Chicken. LOL. I’m having a cheat day. Then tomorrow I’m going back to clean eating, but adding meat and eggs. Thanks for following along my journey. 

  1. Hi Carli,

    I am the author of a 100% plant-based whole foods (no oil) website (100% vegan),
    I am starting C25K tomorrow and I am nervous. I am 51 years old and finally feel small enough to run. Please read my story on the “About Mrs. Plant” page on my website. I was 220 lbs and a Type 2 diabetic. Now, I am off all meds and lost and kept off more than 50 lbs. Ready to get the rest off. 🙂

    Please keep me in your prayers. I am also a Christian. Love that you did the Daniel Fast. Good for you!

    With Love and Plants,
    Mrs. Plant in Texas

    • Awesome! Congratulations. Before you know it you will be a runner. I’ll check out your site. Be sure to sign up for a 5K race to keep you motivated. You can find one in your area on

      • Wanted to let you know that I ran my first 5K race after 10 weeks of training (9 with C25K and 1 additional week). I did run three 5K practices in the last weeks to get ready for the race. It was AWESOME! I had a PR that day, and it was the hardest course I’ve ever run!

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