Greetings Fiercelings! I’m moving! Say what? Yes I’m moving. But not where you might think. I’m not moving to the Florida sunshine with my Big Little Sister or even to a new house. I’m moving to a new spot online. Now you’ll be able to find me on No worries, if you forget and go to
you will be redirected to the new site.    

Why am I moving? Because both me and my site have evolved into so much more than Couch to 5K running. I enjoy yoga, cooking new recipes, dating, travel, all kinds of stuff and I want my blog to reflect that. Having a healthy life style reaches far beyond running.  (No worries, of course the FREE Couch to 5K training podcasts will still be available to download)  

Did I tell you that since March of last year, I’ve paid off $30,000 worth of debt and got rid of a failing real estate “investment.” Well, I did and it feels amazing! (I’m following Dave Ramsey’s plan if you’re curious about how I did it.) 

So, now I have more time and money to give you better, more consistent content. Thank you to all of you who’ve been running into shape with me for the last 7 years, getting fit, losing weight and encouraging each other. I can’t wait to embark on fun new adventures together! 

  1. That is so awesome and congrats to you for evolving! You should feel proud of all you’ve accomplished. I need to know more about this debt payoff situation! I’ve got about that much in student loans and they are the death of me!

    • Hi Katie! I too have a masters degree and TONS of student loans, a salary worth. My debt free boss (no car loan, credit card, or mortgage) helped show me that a debt free life its possible. I recommend you start by listening to Dave Ramsey’s podcast and following his baby steps plan. You should also get a copy of his book that outlines the plan.
      For me personally, I moved back in with my parents into the apartment over the garage, cut up my credit cards and got on a very strict zero based budget. People laughed at my strict budget at first, now they want to know how to get like me! Good Luck! It’s possible

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