What are Beet Toppers? 

What are Beet Toppers? Well for starters beet toppers are not the same thing as craisins? Huh? Confused?  So was I. Let me explain. I love bag salads as I call them. It’s the salad that comes in the bag with all the fixins’.  It’s a healthy tasty  meal ready in like 2 minutes.  I usually add a pack of tuna for a boost of protein.  Anyway, I tried a new brand I’d never had before. The outside of the bag said the salad contained Kale, Spinach, Beet Toppers, Cranberries and Almonds.

But when I opened the bag there were two packets of purple stuff. One was of course the dried cranberry craisins, so the other must of have been beets. I didn’t know they freeze dried beets or whatever. All I did know was my first adult experience with beets a couple of weeks ago was not favorable. I wrote a popular post on my Carli Fierce Facebook Fan Page explaining how I thought beets tasted like dirt…and grass. So the last thing I wanted was for these freeze dried beets to ruin my salad. I carefully tasted the contents of each little bag. To my surprise, they almost tasted the same. Hmm…Maybe freeze dried beets taste better than salad bar beets? I wasn’t sure, but I was sure I didn’t want to take the chance of mixing them in my salad.
So, I only ate the greens, the almonds and the tuna. But about half way through my salad, I said “man there is STILL something in this salad that tastes gross.” Then it clicked! I had a Coming to America “Aha Aha” moment.

Beet toppers are not cranberries or craisins. LOL. They are in fact these green leaves with a purple stem, which obviously come from the top part of the beet. But don’t judge me! Apparently “freeze dried beets” are a real thing, not something I just made up. However, they just weren’t in my salad.

I’m not really sure why I shared this, except that it was funny, and maybe I could introduce someone else to the no-so-wonderful world of beets and beet toppers.

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