I’ve Lost 13 Pounds with Weight Watchers 

I AM losing weight with Weight Watchers!  Man it feels good to say that.  I have not updated you guys in a while, I’m sorry about that, but I’ve been busy trying to pay off this debt which means that I have to work more.  I’ve paid off more than $30,000 in just over one year. (Working the Dave Ramsey Debt Free Plan)  I’ve got one credit card left, then no more credit cards for me…ever.

Anyway, I’m excited to announce that Weight Watchers is still working for me, I have lost a total of 13 pounds.  It’s coming off slowly which is sometimes very frustrating for me, but I’m learning to be patient.  Sure, I can cut all carbs and lose 7 pounds in a week, but then I quit the next day, and gain it back…with friends.  So, I’m making peace with a meal plan that works with my lifestyle.  I know that I’m going to go to birthday parties, I’m going to enjoy cocktails on the weekend, and I’m going to travel and try new foods.  But some of my old mentalities are still lurking in my mind.  I still feel “bad” when I have something like chips or a cupcake, but I always track it and to my surprise when I weigh in, I’ve actually lost weight.

I was on one of those Weight Watcher calls with Oprah and a member said, “It might be a slow process but quitting does not get you there any faster.”  So I have to work really hard to turn off the part of my brain that says “You could be doing so much better, you’re not losing it enough fast enough.”  And then I have to listen to the part that says “Hey Look! You’re living life, eating foods that you enjoy, you feel in control, you don’t feel as nearly restricted, AND you’re losing weight!”

I sometimes get annoyed by taking two steps forward (working out, eating my proper points all week) and one step back (going to a party eating and drinking on Saturday.) But it balances out.  I don’t lose as much, but I still lose, and the plan still works.  The road to success isn’t a straight line.


I told my Weight Watchers coach on the phone that it is a little annoying to have to look up points for every thing before deciding what to eat.  She reminded me that I’m in school.  I thought to myself,  “How in the world am I in weight loss school when I’ve been losing weight for nearly 20 years?”  But I’m not at a healthy weight, so I guess that means I’ve got some schoolin’ to git done.  She also said it will get easier to track points.  And, that’s true, because when I did the program back in college, I had nearly every point value memorized, so it was much easier to make healthy choices on the fly, without having to look it up before I ate.

So now, I’m just pretending to be a newbie.  I am learning that when I get really hungry I’m more likely to reach for the candy dish or grab some fast food.  So now I pay attention to my body and  I try not to allow myself to get too hungry.  That’s something my trainer used to always tell me.  So, I’ve taken measures like keeping healthy snacks in my purse, desk and my car.  I am learning that planning too far ahead makes me feel really restricted.  I can’t make a weekly plan, I don’t know what I want for lunch on Thursday, and I will probably change my mind.  So I have worked with my coach and I usually have a food plan about 24 hours in advance, although when I do my grocery shopping for the week I have lots of healthy choices available.  It’s hard, but I’m doing it.  Slow and steady wins the race!


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