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5 Weight Loss Lessons I Forgot

Last week I felt like giving up on trying to lose weight.  I’ll never be thin, I told myself. It’s impossible, I have too much to lose.  I always try and I always fail.  I missed a WW meeting, I’m doomed. Who am I to have a […]

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Fun in the Studio

Unfortunately, I’ve been eating like crap, and grabbing fast food on the run, but I had SO much fun at my studio recording session. I told you earlier in the week that I’m making a new race day podcast for a 5K and 10K run. I hadn’t […]

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Sorry things have been so quiet on my blog. I had to unplug. I’m working really hard to get my personal life organized. I have so many ideas and so many business ventures that I want to pursue, but I was getting nowhere fast. I think I can do everything, […]

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Sensational Saturday

I had a wild week. I don’t really know an easy way to say it. So, I’ll just say it, one of my tenants was killed, yes killed. Remember the guy that said someone was stealing his loose change while he was a work? It was him!  He […]

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The 4 Phases of Weight Loss

I recently passed my fitness instructor re-certification test.  I answered 40 questions right out of 44.  In addition to being a certified group fitness instructor, I’m now also a certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach.  The most informative part of my studies was the section on the learning process, […]

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