Unfortunately, I’ve been eating like crap, and grabbing fast food on the run, but I had SO much fun at my studio recording session. I told you earlier in the week that I’m making a new race day podcast for a 5K and 10K run. I hadn’t recorded in so long, I was almost nervous. Thinking, can I really do this? Will anyone even want it? Luckily my producer friend is a perfectionist. He won’t let me create garbage. Sometimes, he said my country St. Louis accent came out and I sounded like Bootsy Collins. He made me re-record every segment until I got it just right. “What’s a-hen-ha-lin?” he asked. “Adrenaline” I grunted back. I was trying really hard not to sound like Daffy Duck or a nerdy fifth grader, and my braces made it that much more difficult to enunciate.  Other times he said I sounded “too much like a phone sex operator.”

We’ve been friends for nearly 10 years and joke around all the time. So, as a joke, I took the phone sex operator critique and ran with it. I intentionally made the next segment sound as sexy as an advertisement for a strip club. I usually try to keep my blog PG, but this is too funny not to share… I seductively moaned into the microphone “keep pushing, you’re doing great!” He was totally caught off guard, and we laughed and laughed. “Don’t make me come in there!” he teased.

For the rest of the night, regardless of my tone, everything that was meant to sound encouraging, sounded completely inappropriate. “Wow, you’re really moving” and “Dig Deep” called for major laughs.   And, I giggled the whole way through, “How bad do you really want it? You only have 5 more minutes, you can do it!” Finally, 4 hours later, after re-recording some segments over and over, we finished all the voice prompts. Next time we’ll add the music and I’ll be that much closer to releasing my e-book and my new race day podcast. In the mean time, I guess I’ll go apply for a late night phone sex operator side gig! (just kidding ;-)…maybe.

  1. I have an 8k and a 10k coming up and will be STOKED to download both podcasts!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Thank you!

  2. I am so excited for your new e-book and podcast! I find you to be so inspirational!!
    and i am glad that you have as much fun putting your podcast together as I have running to them!

  3. I’m cracking up about the phone sex operator thing. I would get giggly about that for sure…but my voice is so un-sexy, I doubt anyone would ever say that to me. Unless they are into voices that sound to young to be sexy (I sound way younger than I really am on the phone) and that would just be creepy!

  4. Brilliant news that you’re recording a race day podcast!
    Delighted to hear it. I’m just about to go out the door into some unseasonal sunshine to do some training for my next 5k in May – will be listening to your week6 podcast as I go 🙂 Thanks for getting me so far…next race will be my 4th 5k since I started, and I listened to you the whole way along!

  5. Christine that’s fantastic! I’m hoping it will be ready in May.

  6. Allie, I did truly have a good time. Im scheduling my next appointment now to go back and finish up. I can’t wait to share the ebook and the race day podcast with the world!!

  7. Aubree, I was cracking up when I read your comment! That would be creepy. I’ve decided to keep my day job as a paralegal. lol I know I can’t always respond to comments as soon as I’d like, but definitely appreciate your support!

  8. Angela, I know you’ve been running for a while. How awesome that you still run with my podcasts! I think you’ll enjoy the new one. Fresh tunes and more encouragment along the way.

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