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Cupcakes & Twinkies & Cookies Oh My!

I went to the studio today, and my friend had cookies with icing, hostess cupcakes, Twinkies and Chinese Fried Rice.   I think he was testing me, But I passed!  I did not eat not one bite of that “Devil Food.”  I stayed focused and we finished weeks […]

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I Did the Unthinkable

I got a Twitter page.  I figure as a blogger, I should have one. I was anti-twitter and anti-facebook for a long time.  I thought it was for kids and people who needed to get a life.  But almost all my friends and family are on Facebook, […]

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You Know You Live in the Ghetto When…

The “Bum-Pop Man” aka Ice Cream Truck is driving around playing loud Gangsta Rap instead of the little jingle he’s supposed to play.  Just another crazy hood story… Anyway, today was the Official start day for Get Fit 4 Christ. Our assignment was to Run 15 Minutes, Write […]

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My Next 5K!

Today was the 1st meeting for the Get fit 4 Christ program.  We all met with Lyle and he told us a few more details about the program.  We have to keep a food journal, one my least favorite things to do, even though I know much […]

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Nothing Like a Woman Scorned

This morning, it was raining, and I didn’t go for my run.  Then I ate greasy pancakes, and I pretty much felt queasy the rest of the day.  Yes, these are just excuses, but I got a great non-exercise story to tell since I was just sitting at […]

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