tyra-antmOkay, so I didn’t do the extra work out, and started all that self-defeating talk; what made me think I could do this?, I’ll never be able to run 3 miles, I need to lose more weight first, it hurts too much.  Then I thought about one of my favorite shows, America’s Next Top Model, and as soon as one of the girls begins all that negative talk and gives up, she takes a bad photo and gets booted off the show.  Well I didn’t want to be kicked off the show, so I changed my attitude.  Despite the fact that the last couple days of my life mirrored a Lifetime Network Movie Premiere, I put all that aside, and decided to go running anyway.  I went to the gym, and to my surprise none of my regular cheerleaders were there.  I had to do it by myself.  About 1/2 way through my run a very fit and attractive young man joined me on the track…. that was all the motivation I needed.  It’s too bad that today I looked like a complete wreck!   Anyway, I completed my 25 minute run and went home sweat funky and satisfied that Tyra Banks would have told me, “Congratulations, You’re Still in the Running to become America’s Next Top Runner.” … LOL J

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