bubble-gutsREAD AT YOUR OWN RISK! –  Okay, so you know that I missed my workout yesterday, I have dinner plans tonight, so I had no other choice but to make up for it this morning.  Yes, Morning, Even the dog was still asleep when I got up.  But I had to coach my self, “The gym is literally 2 blocks away, I have no excuses, and I laid out my clothes last night.”  I brushed my teeth, and Cliniqued my face and off I went.  It was so foreign, I honestly do not think I ever woke up early just to go work out.  Anyway I decided to do the treadmill, everything started off fine, I worked up a great sweat, and accidently hit the emergency stop button… so I started over and the Nike iPod lady says “Workout Paused” and the music stopped…did I ask it to pause?  NO!, so I say fine, I’ll just do the music only, I don’t need her.  Then I mistakenly hit the stop button again, I give it one more try, and about 15 minutes in, I accidently hit it yet again.  I was beyond frustrated, then came the bubble guts.  Uh oh, should I have eaten something 1st? , should I have actually taken time to wake up before running?, my body was so confused.  Fast forward 10 minutes, and I’m picking toilet paper off my sweaty thunder thighs…gross I know.  But you know what, I said I’m here and I’m here to get ready for my race, so I went up to the track and did another 20 minutes of jogging.  I went home and took the best shower ever!

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