ready-for-the-worldToday could not have been better; it started off with a free tax day massage in Keiner Plaza downtown, and ended with a 5K run!  Yes you read it right, I actually did it.  I can’t freaking believe it.  And I did it in under an hour, 53 minutes to be exact.  I never thought in million years I could jog for 3 miles.  This time last year I was complaining about the walk from the parking garage to the weight management clinic.  Now 52 lbs later, and working out 3 times a week.  I feel a hard earned sense of accomplishment.  Even Lance Armstrong  had to congratulate me through my ipod on my long run yet!

  1. A very belated congratulations to you! I’m in week 2, and I’ve decided to redo this week because I’m still struggling a bit too much during my last two 90-second jogs. Yesterday I could *feel* how easy it would be to give up. I kept telling myself that if it wasn’t challenging, I’d never do better.

    I’m very proud of you! Keep up the great work! Never stop challenging yourself!

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