Whew Lawd! I almost didn’t make it to boot camp this morning.  I was so excited to be home in my own bed last night, but for some reason I still couldn’t go to sleep, and I was up late watching the latest reports on Michael Jackson.  Then this morning I found out that Billy Mays, the oxy clean guy died; what an odd story.  Well despite all of that, I picked up my little sister for the next round of sit ups, push ups and jumping jacks.  One of the ladies in the class was a little slower than the rest of us.  She left in the middle of class, defeated.  My little sister said “That’s sad that she lacked self confidence and didn’t believe in her self.”  I was proud to see that she realized it’s your mental thoughts that actually shape what you can physically do.  I wanted to tell that lady, “Hey I was in your shoes this time last year, I couldn’t run a lap either.” But, instead of giving up, I said, “I’m tired of being last, I’m going to get better,” and you know what?  I did!

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