It was raining on Saturday, my normal workout day, and of course the gym was closed because it was the 4th of July. What’s a girl to do? Go to her friend’s birthday party, eat off the buffet and watch fireworks under the Arch of course.  But, on Sunday, it was back to the real world. I bought some new purple headphones to match my purple iPod as a treat to myself. The sound quality is so much nicer than the $4 pair I got from Family Dollar. It was a great day to run, only about 75 degrees out. But half way through my run, I had to pee! I freaked out, what if I have to stop and pee on race day, that will so screw up my time. I finished a little less than 3 miles, in under an hour. Nothing spectacular, but hey it’s a holiday weekend, and I’m out running, that counts for something. I can not finish this post without mentioning that my mother was in the St. Louis American newspaper. Not only was she in there, but her huge picture was advertising the next healthy happy hour. I was the guest speaker at healthy happy hour, I was the “weight loss expert” who passed around fat before pictures. But, her picture was featured in the paper and not mine! Hump…I guess that’s the way it goes!

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