Today is the lil sister’s birthday, and she forces everyone who crosses her path to acknowledge that it as a special day.  I told her she had to wait until to the sun came up before I could even attempt to sing “Happy Birthday.”  Boot camp class at 6AM this morning was no JOKE!   I guess because it rained on Wednesday, he wanted to make sure we made up for it.  The relay race really kicked my butt, but me and the little sister, the “curviest” girls there, did our thang! After a series of jumping jacks, push ups and squats, I was good and funky smelling. 

 Maybe it was the sangria from last night’s adventure that was seeping from my pores….Anyway, We have one more session and boot camp class is over!  I won’t miss getting up at 5:30 AM, but I love all the compliments I’ve received as a postive result of my early morning escapades.

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