david-and-goliathLyle, the personal trainer/author, is Serious.  We’ve already had 2 assignments, and the program doesn’t officially start until Sunday!  Our 1st homework assignment was to study 1st Samuel 17: 1-51, the story of David & Goliath and create a blog.  I have to keep it real with y’all.  I not only had to Find my bible in my trunk, but I also had to really flip through to find the chapter.  Of course the blog part was easy.  The 2nd Assignment was writing out our goals.  We have due dates and everything, I feel like I’m back in school…Me and the other winning contestants will be taking “Before Pictures” tomorrow at the fitness studio.  I want to be cute, but maybe I’ll just put on a little lip gloss and save the real fierceness for the “After” Photo Shoot. 🙂

This Morning I had a meeting because I’m on the Career Fair committee with the Black MBA Association…I know thats irony at it’s best…  Later this afternoon, my body felt so blah after not working out for 2 days, so I went to the gym and jogged to my week 6 podcast.  Notice I didn’t say “power-walked,” I actually did Day 1 of Week 6.  Whew!  When you don’t run, you loose it quick. The whole time I was saying “Carli, talk to me now…tell me my 8 minute run is over.”… I had 2 sucky songs that just didn’t flow and have to be changed, but Week 5 is in the final editing stages. Thanks for being patient.

  1. Hey Carli! I just wanted to say that its sounds like this get fit for Christ is an awesome program. I think it will help from the inside out. I always had serious self-esteem/body image problems, but since i started going to church and getting back in touch with my faith, that’s mostly gone away. Good luck! I hope it works out great for you physically and spiritually!

  2. Thanks for your podcasts! I just downloaded Week 2, as I completed W2D1 today! I also have about 80 pounds to lose… doing Weightwatchers and Couch to 5K. You know, this wouldn’t have been something I’d have gotten up off my butt to do, but the time is now! I’m 46 years old, and have grown a lot on the inside of me these past few years – now I just need to show the world this “makeover” the Lord has accomplished … and begin to look outwardly as I am on the inside. He, in fact, told me to start training for a MARATHON. Oh boy! That’s 26 miles, isn’t it? He’s got a great plan in store for you and me! Love, love.

    • Weight watchers is an awesome program. I’m glad you enjoy the podcasts, keep me posted on your progress. An marathon is a huge task, but if you set your mind to it, you can do it. Starting out slow and building like you’re doing is the best way.

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