The Fast will begin today at 8pm.  It’s designed to last for 18 hours.  According to the plan, we’re only allowed 100% Fruit Juice and water until 2pm tomorrow.  This will cleanse our bodies before the food plan begins.  Lyle mentioned on his blog that Moses didn’t fast for weight loss, but to cleanse.  He suggested that we pray and read the bible to get through the difficult parts.  The new food plan that we will follow is very strict, each day includes lots of eggs, veggies, protein meats (no pork), and Apple Cider Vinegar.  I haven’t eaten pork for about 2 years, so at least I won’t miss bacon with breakfast.  And, I’ve been taking the apple cider vinegar for a few days now.  It works!  You won’t have to do number 2 immediately, but when you go, you really go.  I know that healthy eating is so important on my journey to weight loss, and I hope that this will help jump-start me in the right direction again. 

What did Carli Eat Today?

B- Rice & Toast & O.J

L-Turkey Sandwich, Cheese Munchies, and a Slurpie (bad I know)

S- Laughing Cow Cheese

D – KFC Grilled Chicken, green beans, potato wedges and a biscuit.

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