This morning, I was determined to stick to my running plan.  I realized that my next 5K is right around the corner.  Me and Nyah went to the park and I was doing pretty good, until I got a stomach cramp, which I learned from one of my favorite forums is due to lack of hydration.  I went back to the car and got some water, but that kinda killed my motivation.  I did finish the whole routine; I just didn’t run the whole time.  Plus Nyah is so bad, she still charges after every dog she sees.  I think I should get extra running points for constantly pulling on a 65 pound fur ball while I jog.  I might write a letter to Caesar, The Dog Whisperer, maybe he can help us…Anyway, I came home, showered, put makeup over my naughty ankle tattoo, and got dressed for my interview.  I had lunch with the co-worker friend (man I miss him!) and then went to the interview.  The recruiter said things look to be in my favor… 

Even though I write crazy grammatically incorrect stuff, like “kinda” “y’all” and start sentences with “Me and”, I do have a Masters Degree.  I just relax and write what I feel on my blog.  After the interview, I had my personal training session.  We started with the regular elliptical warm up and then I did the dumbbell circuit.  Afterwards, he said, “Lets do something different.”  Lyle pulled out the boxing gloves.  I was excited; I had never put on real boxing gloves.  Y’all know I’m a girly girl, and the excitement quickly faded when I thought “OMG, I might break my nails.”  Despite my scary thought, I did a couple of punching routines on the punching bag and then he put the ‘things?’ on his hands, and I had to hit those.  That was a great way to release built up tension and it was fun.  To my delight, when we finished, my nails were still in tact.
What Did Carli Eat Today?

 B- Oatmeal and a Hard-boiled Egg

L- Lasagna, Salad, and a Roll (pretty sure that roll was not on the meal plan, but the pasta was)   

D- Chicken, Broccoli, and an Apple

S- Almonds

S- Yogurt Smoothie (Lo-fat yogurt with ice in the blender)


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