Today was bitter sweet.  All day I waited for the phone to ring.   No such luck.  One of the places where I interviewed said I was great, but I was just the runner-up.  The other place didn’t call back at all.  I guess I’m back to the drawing board.  But the sweet part of the day was I got up this morning and power-walked with Mom in the park.  I should’ve been running, but at least I was still getting in exercise.  Mom gave me $100 and I didn’t even ask for it.  I was so excited, I went to the athletic store and got fitted for running shoes.  I bought a pair of Mizuno running shoes on sale.  They were so nice and had a great cushion.  The sales guy was so nice, and he didn’t try to sell me unreasonably high priced shoes or extra stuff I didn’t need.  They also had a cute little spoiled dog named Gus running around demanding attention.  He reminded me of my little big brat at home.  I decided to buy some running socks that help with the moisture and prevent blisters.  When I left, I still had money left over.  Tonight, I went to happy hour.  I did go astray from the plan.  (Can we say emotional eating?)  I hope the fuzzy navels didn’t make me loose too many Jesus brownie points…I also hope I don’t loose points for saying something so silly like “Jesus Brownie Points”  LOL!

What Did Carli Eat Today?

B- Protein Shake with Strawberries  and a 2 egg Spinach Omelet

L- Steak and Fresh Pineapple chunks

D- Steak Salad w/ a Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper (drinking only water is so hard for me!)

Happy Hour- 3 Party wings and 2 Fuzzy Navels

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