I was poking along all day, thinking I’ve got plenty of time to get ready.  Time flew by and traffic was horrific.  As a result I missed half of my personal training session.  Afterwards, I decided to go in search of a pouch to put on my shoe to hold my Nike Plus distance tracker thingy.  It still bothers me that thing doesn’t have an official name…any way My new running shoes aren’t Nike, so they don’t have a slot in the bottom to hold the chip.  I looked everywhere; they were either sold out, or never had it.  I guess I’ll have to order it online.  By the time I finished my scavenger hunt, it was dark and a part of my mind said to just go home.  But I tell you it’s something about this blog.  I feel like it holds me accountable.  Knowing that a couple hundred people cruise by my site every day, makes me feel like I owe it to y’all to actually run into shape.  I calculated the weeks until my next 5K, and I know I have to get on the move, if I want to reach my goals.  I ran to week 6 of my podcast, I actually did it.  No power-walking or half stepping, I actually did the 5 min run, the 8 min run and the last 5 min run.  According to the Get Fit 4 Christ program, I should be running 25 minutes.  Hopefully I’ll catch up soon.  Well I’m off to read.  This program is tough, you have to have the meal plan (hate the word diet), the exercise plan, the reading and the ambition to make this program a success. 

What Did Carli Eat Today?


B- 2 egg, chesse and spinach omelet w/  Whole Grain toast w/ Peanut butter

S- Pineapples and almonds

L- Small Chicken wrap and corn

D- Steak and Chicken Veggie Stir Fry and rice

S- Auntie Anne’s pretzel

  1. Carli, just knowing you’re out there with me helps a lot. I missed this whole last week running… just didn’t do it. But today, I got up off my butt and did your week 3 podcast. For us, as believers in Jesus, we move forward toward the prize of the upward call of Jesus Christ, don’t we? Spiritually and physically, we MUST stay fit. Keep reading the Word, too, huh? Abiding in the Vine, we will see all kinds of fruit come forth. Just wait and see.


    • I’ve missed a lot of runs too. Sometimes just knowing that there are people out there having the same struggles inspires me to run.

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