I spent the last 3 days in a Rich Dad, Poor DadLaunch Your Business” Seminar.  It was so long, every day from 9 a- 7 p.  But, I learned a lot about real estate and have some REALY BIG dreams about my own business.  I can’t go into too many details because my idea is unique, and I’ve already told too many people.  When I presented my idea to the class, they thought it was a great idea and gave me positive information about how to make it better.  But, I can tell you that the main idea is that I’ve found a way to help mentor people like me through the process of getting fit and reaching a healthy weight.  It’s going to be big y’all.  I have to do a whole lot of research and studying so that I make sure I do this right.

Tonight was Week 2 of the church fitness class.  It was great!  People always ask, how do I know if a certain food is healthy?  So I taught the class the 2 tests.  The first is test is “Is it a food that God made?” and the other is “Was it here 100 years ago?”  If you answer yes to both of theses, chances are that it’s a healthy food in moderation…. Last week after teaching Week 1, I realized that all of my students were ladies, so I spiced up the exercise routine.  I added a few hip swirls that I learned from cardio strip fit class  and some booty lifting exercises at the end.  I guess it wasn’t too sexy for the church ladies, because they were giggling and had fun with it.  I also had to step it up a notch, and make them work a little harder, after all it was week 2.  We were all sweating by the end of class, and I was even a little sore.  When I laughed after class I definitely felt the effects of my ab rountine.  At least I know it’s working.  It’s so weird to say “Man, I worked myself out”  Well I’m off to study, so that one day I’ll actually be certified and not just making stuff up. 

What Did Carli Eat Today? – 2 many carbs not enough veggies…

B- Bowl of Cereal

L- Breakfast Casserole I made (special request from my God-brother)

S-  Small Salad before class

D- Chicken sandwich and a bowl of Chili

S- Mountain Dew

  1. I have got you linked on my blog. I am so happy with your success! I pray to follow your example well!

    • I checked out your blog. Keep up the good work and do what you can, and just remember, it’s a process, not a race 🙂

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