No…I didn’t sink to a new low and become a working girl in the sense of becoming a prostitute. I’m Really a working girl with a job! Finally, today was my first day. I know that there are crazy internet stalkers; so I’ll just say it’s in the legal department of a major corporation. Everyone was so nice to me! They have so many different systems and passwords, that I spent much of the day getting logged in and set up on the computers. I was so sleepy all day and scared that my eyes were going into screen saver mode as the attorney explained the case database to me. I’ve been a bum for the last two and a half months, so it was quite hard getting back acclimated to the regular 9 to 5 routine.

 I have no energy to go running. I’m wiped, and all I did was sit a desk all day. I can’t imagine how I trained for my 1st 5K during the winter while working full time…it’s amazing! Anyway, I went to a seminar yesterday about optimizing your website, so I’m planning some major updates to runningintoshape. I’m changing the homepage, my logo, and a lot of behind the scenes stuff to make my website easier to find. As the guy who taught the seminar said “You don’t want people to log-on to your site, puke, and then leave because it looks so bad.” I honestly don’t think anybody “pukes” when they come to my site, but I did find some ways to make it better. When you start seeing the changes, let me know what you think!

  1. Hello, Carli. I met you at a mutual friends house; Germanine. Just wanted to tell you congrats on your new job. And you look great girl. Also I am on week 2 of the podcast. I am really excited. I did not think that I was going to make it through week 1 but everytime I doubted myself I came on to this website and got encouraged through the comments that are on here. I am a little confused. On the schedule it says that you start out the jogging/walking sessions everyother day during the first week, is this the only time I should do it or does this also apply to week 2 and so on, or, I am suppose to do it every day?

    • Nikell! I remember you. I’m so glad you tried out the podcast. It’s a lot of work, but well worth the reward. To use my podcasts you follow the couch to 5k running program. They have great facebook page, and It can be found online at They have a new thing that they try to get you pay for, but it’s actually free! You can print it out and it tells you the running training schedule. But to answer your question, it’s the same for all 9 weeks. You run 3 days out of the week. I alway ran on Mondays, Wednesays and Saturdays. Those are pretty much still the days that I work out on now. Good Luck! and keep up the good work!
      Carli 🙂

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