For breakfast this morning, I said  “Oh, I’ll have smoothie that I bought from the grocery store yesterday.”  It was delicious, but it was also 6 WW pts.  (For those who may not know WW points are just calories made easy, the more  points=more calories) I can make a smoothie at home for 4 points with fat-free yogurt, a little fat-free milk and ice.  Anyway, when I got to work, the ladies asked me to go grab breakfast with them.  Sure I thought, I can do this.  I went down to the cafeteria with big hopes and dreams.  I got a breakfast sandwich on whole wheat bread, egg white only and turkey with cheese, and proudly told the chef to, “hold the butter!” I thought I was jammin’ , I mean it couldn’t be more than 4 or 5 points right?  WRONG, Miss chef lady put 2 pieces of cheese; my breakfast sandwich add up to a whopping 12 points!  I almost passed out when I got back to my desk and added up the totals.  18 points on breakfast, and this is only my 1st day.  Imagine if I had gotten what I really wanted Texas toast, whole eggs and toasty butter… Lunch was much better, when I as invited out to Ruby Tuesdays, I gave a FIRM “No, thanks.”  I ate the soup I make last night, and a Lean Cuisine BBQ Chicken Pizza.  And check this out, I found a 1 pt Hostess Cinnamon Streusel Cake!  As my Hollywood aunt  says “Shut the Bus!” Cake for 1 point?  You might see these lil things way too often under What Did Carli eat today…..

Earlier in the week, I was going back and forth trying to decide if I really wanted to sign up for Lyle’s boot camp class, but my WW Meeting gave me the extra boost to go ahead and get more active.  I couldn’t remember what time class started and I hadn’t even signed up.  So I just showed up at 6 after work.  Lyle said “Hey Carli good to see you, Are you hear for 1st class, or the next one?”  I replied, “I didn’t know there were 2 classes tonight.”  To which he said “Oh Good, you can do both!”  I thought well I did have a 20 pt breakfast.   So, I did both classes!  Can you believe it?  Back to back boot camp.  This is not a class for wimps. There was running backwards and forwards, jump rope, sit ups, pushups leg lifts, and even high school gym floor suicides drills, all times TWO!   I knew I was crazy, when I limped up the steps to my house.  But I felt like a champ!

What Did Carli Eat Today?

B– Smoothie – 6

Breakfast Sand 12 L

L– WW Broccoli Chz soup 2 (here’s link the the recipe)

Lean Cuisine BBQ Chix Pizza 7

Clementine 1

Special K Protein Water 1

 S– 100 Cal Hostess Streusel 1 

D– Jack in the Box – Grilled Chix Strips 4

Moz Chz Sticks 4

S– Another 100 Cal Hostess Streusel 1

Activity = -7 

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