I’m studying hard for my test.  You know… the test to become a Group Fitness Instructor.  My mission is to use my journey to help people lose weight and get healthy.  It’s funny my Uncle asked me “so what do you do for the test, run up a flight of stairs?”  Uh NO!  It’s a lot harder than that.  I wish that was all it that was required.  In addition to being CPR certified, it’s anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, general health, and nutrition.  I have to know all of the muscles and bones and the proper safe way to teach a class, all while avoiding modern day litigation that holds you liable for someone else getting hurt.  I’m such a procrastinator, I won’t even tell you what chapter I’m on.  I will say I’m closer to the front than the back of the book.  Yikes! My test is Saturday, so I may not get a chance to blog until then.  I just wanted to let you know what was going on.  The test is computer based, and you get your results immediately.   So my next blog post title will be ” I PASSED!!!”  or “Better Luck Next Time”  LOL.  Gotta go finish studying.  Later.

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