I certainly don’t recommend walking 6 miles for the first time and going to boot camp class the next day. However, that’s exactly what I did. I already for paid it, and I missed Tuesday, so I had to go. I was still sore from yesterday’s 6 Mile walk, which made class extra hard. Lyle was really dishing it out tonight. Do pushups while your partner does gym floor suicide runs and switch roles, Hold a plank while your partner does suicides runs and switch, and sit in an invisible chair while your partner runs a suicide and switch. Geez…and that was just the beginning.  By the time we got to the floor ab exercises, there was sweat dripping and stinging my eyes. I told myself I was burning off the GIANT chocolate covered strawberry a secretary gave me at work, or was it the crab rangoon at lunch? It was a terrible food day for me, so hopefully I balanced things out….So what’s next on the list? 8 Miles on Saturday.  I will finish this race!

  1. Your boot camp stories are so funny. I decided to try a boot camp last fall on my second week of C25K. Yeah, I had to sit the next week out after pulling a hamstring and start the program over. Was it the crab walk killers or the bear walk killers up the steep hill that did it? Or maybe running backwards up hill? I’m not sure. I attempted to keep up through the full 1/2 hour but at one point had to go back and lie down on my towel for fear of passing out and needing an ambulance. And I kept thinking to myself, I paid for this torture and some of these folks actually enjoy this. Sadists!

    Good Luck Sticking with your boot camp!

    • Sue, OMG! Backwards up the hill?! That’s crazy! He hasn’t pulled that one out yet. But one time we did the bleacher runs that was torture. I don’t enjoy it one bit, but I do enjoy the way my body tones up after a few sessions.

  2. I give you a ton of credit for going back, I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t think of putting myself through the pain again. And admittedly there was a little humiliation with not being able to do with 3 lb weights what others were doing with 7 lb weights and that the 4 year old son of one of the regulars was kicking my butt! Maybe this spring I can try again now that I am in better overall shape. I could definitely use some more toning. Thanks for being a great inspiration!

    • In the begining, it was very embarassing, I was always the last person around the track or the last person to finish the rountine, but more you go, the better you get, and some new person comes, and you’re not last anymore 🙂

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