Carli & Mezzy Before the 5K

Today was Awesome.  Where do I begin? The alarm went off at 6 this morning, and unlike yesterday, I wasn’t able to go back to sleep after I hit snooze, because I was too excited.  Once I got up, my stomach was a little upset, I wondered if it was nerves like before.  I realized, I’m not nervous…so what’s wrong?  Then I remembered it could be the late night ice cream coupled with me being lactose intolerant.  Silly me.  Anyway, last night, I had everything laid out from my socks to my iPod.  So it was totally stress free getting ready.  



Dont let the label fool you! It was just a 5K

 I picked up my little sister and we got to the race about 40 minutes before the start time.  After the star spangled banner, and right before time to take off running, she said, “I’ll start the race with you.”  I thought that was so nice.  However, when she said “start” she literally meant start.  After about 30 seconds, that girl was gone!  And after about five minutes all I could see was her hair blowing the spring breeze.  I was doing a light jog, and I got to mile marker 1 in about 15 minutes.  A lady came up from behind me and said you inspired me so much I had to catch up with you.  That made me feel really good.  They had small cup of water for us at the half way point.  I drank it and continued to wogging (walking and jogging).  I kept thinking this is so much easier than last year.   It was still challenging, and my legs calves were burning, but it was do-able.  Destiny’s Child’s song Survivor got me through the tough part.  I kept pushing through, until I saw the 3 Mile marker.  I panicked because I didn’t see the finish line…where is it? What happened? Did they move it?  Why are we running past it?  Then I remembered, Oh yeah…. a 5k is 3.1 Miles, I had to laugh out loud.   Then I saw my Dad waving and cheering me on.  The rest of my crew was at the finish line, screaming, Yay! Carli! This lady next to me said you sure have a lot of fans!  I wanted to tell her I threatened all of them LOL!  I crossed the finish line in 51 minutes.  I shaved 4 minutes off my time from last year.  My little sister was already on the other side cheering like she was just a fan and supporter.  She had already finished the race in 38 minutes!  I was so happy and proud of her.  She might have left me behind, but that’s okay, because she gave that race all she had.  The race people gave me my medal and we went to the refreshment stand.  One lady gave me 2 bottles of water, I guess I looked thirsty.  The other tried to hand me cookies.  I politely declined the fudge striped deliciousness and got the pretzels.  (I still can’t believe I actually gave up cookies.)… I love my family and friends, they’re the best!  We got some great pics, and my Big Little sister got an awesome video of me crossing the finish line and Mom trying to pretend like she didn’t cry when my little sister crossed the finish line.  Just when I thought the excitement was over, I noticed that there were still people crossing the finish line.  I was inspired that they continued to walk and run past the 1 hr point and well after they took the time clock down.  There were two ladies walking in green shirts.  The one supporting the other had “NF” on her shirt.  My sister explained that the other lady had a pic of the sign language hand symbols for NF.  I asked what it stood for and her other friends said Neurofibromatosis, a nervous system disorder.  They told me that the lady had recently lost her hearing due to tumors and set a goal to do a 5K. The lady was limping and clearly exhausted, but her friends cheered her on.  When she crossed the finish line, everyone in the crowd cheered, you could feel her victory and she collapsed.  I quickly passed that extra bottle of water over the fence.  She didn’t pass out or anything, she was okay, just needed to rest after completing her journey.  It was just a reminder that no matter how big your challenges are, you can overcome them and reach your goals….check out the my race day pics and my video (I didn’t realize I was so fluffy, heck I’d be inspired too if I saw me running LOL!) Now I just have to figure out what’s next.

Carli & Mezzy After the Race

Best Friend, Mezzy, Mama, Daddy, Me, Big Lil Sis

  1. Way to go!

  2. Great job Carli and Mezzy!!! Carli – you are such an inspiration!! I LOVE that you keep at it!! I finished the C25k back in October but still listen to your podcasts from time to time. While I’m not doing intervals I still like to hear your inspiring voice!!
    (Who finally broke the 6 mi mental block last week!!!)

    • Cathie, I know you’re on my wall of fame! I’m so happy to hear that you kept going! Congrats to you!

  3. Wow Carli, you really show us how important it is to simply add exercise to our lives…ITS SIMPLE, BUT NOT EASY!!! And most of all we are worth it…THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHOWING US HOW ITS DONE. Just for today…will I exercise?
    Cleo 🙂


  5. Carli-your video brought tears to my eyes! It was so exciting….i’m running my first 3K (no 5K around the time i want to do this, but it’s a good start!) in June. I listen to your podcasts every time I do my workout. I can’t imagine the feeling of crossing the finish line knowing you succeeded in your goal….but I can’t wait to find out!!!

    Thanks for your motivation!

    • @ Meagan, I didn’t know they had 3K races, that’s a great way to start. I’ll put you on My Wall of Fame when you finish your 3K, just send me your race day pic. Good Luck! And keep working the program.

  6. Carli – Thanks so much for the inspiration! I love love LOVE your podcasts. I have tried to start the C25K a few times, and never could get past week 2. With your podcasts I am on week 4 and I have recruited my mom and a good friend (who really needs this due to serious health risks) to train as well. We are all doing a 5K in July! The inspiration in your voice, as well as the good music (I actually miss the music from the following week, and now I listen to the prior weeks while stretching) is getting us all to reach our fitness goals.

    You have showed me that it is not so easy to put your foot down and NOT quit, but it is worth the effort. I can’t thank you enough for letting me know I can do it too!
    Thanks again,

    • @ Lorin, If it was easy, Everybody would do it. But I’m glad to know that you made it to week 4, you’re about half way there!

  7. Carli, I found your website off of a thread from a few days ago. When I read this entry it brought tears to my eyes! I am so proud of you, and SO encouraged by you as well. Thank you for choosing victory; for choosing hope instead of defeat; for choosing beauty over ashes. You are such an inspiration to so many people, and I am so excited to see how you’ll be an inspiration to so many others, including myself! 🙂 You are AWESOME. Also, I’m using your C25K podcasts (week two!). 🙂 Majorly motivating! Thanks. 🙂

    • @ Timbrel, OMG, you almost me cry, I got all “misty eyed” …I love that you said “choosing hope instead of defeat” because thats only way we will ever reach our goals. Thank you!

  8. Hi Carli. I love this site. You are so normal and down to earth – an inspiration. I’m doing my first 5k in 4 and a half weeks. I have a time in mind which I think is a bit hopeful, but I know I’m going to cry my eyes out when I finish! i’ll keep coming back to read your cheerful words. Good luck and well done.

    • @The Rop, Am I normal? Lol, that’s one of those things you always wonder…I’m excited about your first 5K, it’s okay to cry, you’ve earned it!

  9. Carli–one day I’ll be on your wall of fame too 😉 (I mean, I HOPE, ha!)

  10. Carli- Thanks for keeping me going. I’m still on week one(enjoy the music and still having trouble running the on all the runs. However, I use it all the time. I still can’t run but on April 17th I did my 3rd 10K. I still walk most of it but I did this one just under 2 hours! My best so far. In the last year I have done 42 races. I have walked most all of them with the thought at least I’m out there doing it. Now I want to do more than just be there. I found you pod cast about 2 months ago and started it. As I said, I’m still on week 1 but I’m starting to jog alittle more. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation to keep going even when the hills are in the was. I have registered for my 1st half marathon, this December! It may take me some time to finish it but I WILL Finish, Thanks to you!!!!!!! Best of Luck with all of your up comming races! Maybe in the next few weeks I’ll try week 2! We will see! LOL Thanks for everything!!!!!!!

    • Tammy did you mean 42?! 42 races???? OMG! Wow. Congrats on your 10K, that’s certainly on my goal list, and I hope to achieve it this year. You’re doing great with the program, take it at your own pace and move on when you’re ready.

  11. I just found you after someone made a recommendation for your C25K podcasts. I’ve downloaded Week 6 and am off to use it in just a few minutes. I just watched this video and was grinning like a fool and had tears of joy! My goal isn’t a weight loss goal, specifically. I want to run a 5K. I know that I’ve inspired a bunch of other people and I have some great stuff going on with me and with others and I feel like I’ve found something in common with you because of that. I also fanned you on FB.

    You go girl!!

    • Thanks Lizdom, whether or not your goal is weight loss, runners do indeed share a common bond. Good Luck!

  12. I just watched your video and I’m sitting here bawling. My first 5k is tomorrow and I have so many mixed feelings about it! Thanks for your inspiration!

    • Lura, you’ll do great! As I say in my podcast “HAVE NO FEAR” you’re more than prepared!

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