6:03 AM.  Alarm clock goes off.  Grunt. Hit Snooze. 6:12 AM. Alarm goes off. Grunt again. 6:15 AM Get up. Not a morning person. It’s Now or never. Bathroom Duties. Eat or Not Eat? Can’t rememeber which is best.  Grunt.  Dog has to potty.  Too Early to think. Radio weatherman says “Tomorrow will be a delicious day, sunny no rain with a high of 74.”  Aggghhhh!!! He said that just for me!  He even used my word “Delicious” to describe the weather.  I was totally awake like I had a shot of caffeine.  I could think in complete sentences.  I picked up the little sister and we were on our way to the park.  We realized that we forgot the race route map.  You would think I learned my lesson about jumping in the car with a lot of ambition and no map.  My Dad said you should always run the race course before the actual race.  We look at it yesterday, and hoped that we would remember the directions.  I got out of the car and started jogging, I kinda shocked myself, since I’ve only been walking.  I jogged and walked, and jogged, we discussed allergies, and how we should take our medicine early to get ready for the outdoors tomorrow.  And we talked about random topics like whether room temperature water is better for you than ice water.  She told me that she “waited on me today, but to expect to be left behind tomorrow.”  Anyway it was a great way to start the day.  After work, I picked up our race numbers and then went to get my personalized t-shirt that I ordered.  I was sooooo upset when the guy told me it wasn’t ready, and that there wasn’t anything he could do without the manager.  I was so mad.  I just kept thinking why wouldn’t they tell me it wasn’t ready? There are a 100 t-shirt shops I could have gone to.  He printed the back, but couldn’t “vectorize” my logo for the front….ugh…So my mind told me ice cream makes everything better.  And I caved in and went to the ice cream shop next door.  Yes, the night before my race.  And you would not believe who walked in…..MY LITTLE SISTER!  LOL!  She said “I caught you!”  I said “What? we caught each other!”  Anyway…I went to the store and bought an iron on and Mom helped me put it on the front.  So it worked out okay after all.  Well I’m tired, and need to rest for my race.  Wish me luck!

  1. Good luck!!!!!

  2. Good luck on your race!

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