Now you know with a title like that it can’t be good.  And no I’m not talking about eating “good carbs” like whole grain filled healthy food.  I’m talking about pasta and bread and cookies.  What happened?  I had to work early and ate a bowl of cereal at like 6 AM when I usually don’t eat breakfast until about 9.  I had to help set up and administer a high pressure meeting with attorneys from all over the country.    Our office ordered fresh baked cookies from a local bakery.  When I ate the first one I was really hungry and it quick and available. I told myself, I’m hungry, and I one cookie won’t kill me.  No, one cookie won’t, but 4 might. (yes I ate 4) We all know that when you eat sugar your body craves more sugar.  Lunch wasn’t until after 1 o’clock, and I was actually still hungry before lunch, and ate another.   Unlike the soda that tasted like garbage after quitting, these cookies were fantastic!  The last two were just out of sheer greediness, I just ate them because they tasted great and there were….free.  The catered lunch was salad, pasta and a breadstick.  I ate way to many carbs today, and I’m dragging.  I text everyone I know and asked them to work out me, and the few who even bothered to reply, were busy.  Today was long and exhausting and I just didn’t have the motivation to go to the gym by myself.  I feel kinda bad, but not for real.  I can’t slump into depression over cookies.  As a whole life is good,  a tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to make better choices.  Now, I will continue to check emails (I read them all from you guys), and watch the completely pointless yet totally entertaining show A Minute to Win It.   Tomorrow, I’ll post “What Did Carli Eat Today”, and you’ll see, it will be a better day!

  1. Hi Carli,
    I enjoy your website. Been reading for months, my first comment! You’re only human, don’t beat yourself. Get up tomorrow and it’s a new day!!


  2. What kind of a protein shake do you drink? I have the same problem, only my weakness is donughts. once i start, i can’t stop! but like you say, tomorrow is a new day and another chance to make healthy choices! It’s amazing how great i feel since starting the couch to 5K. I check your site every day for updates. keep them coming! everyone loves them!

    • @Meagan I wish I could post everyday, my job is so demanding sometimes that I can’t. But I drink the slim fast high protein, or the ones from Bariatric Advantage.

  3. You know – eveyr now and then we have to give in to the temptation of food. Don’t be too hard on yourself about the cookies. Each day is a new day for a reason!

    Thanks for stopping over on my blog. I appreciate it and I, too, can’t wait to make it on your 5k wall of fame! Thanks again for the podcast – so wonderful!!

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