This morning started off with an all you can eat Fried Chicken and Waffle breakfast at church.  I was so apprehensive about it.  I’ve done a really good job of keeping my points these past few days, and I was so scared I might go overboard and eat too much.  My Big Little sister was hosting it, otherwise, I would have skipped it all together.  I took my time in the buffet line and tried to make good choices.  I ate 2 wings, turkey bacon, eggs and one waffle.  I skipped the grits, pancakes, sausage, croissants and orange juice.  The weight watcher program works if you work it.  You can eat everything, just in moderation.  It felt so good to feel in control, especially in a setting like that.  The rest of the day was super busy and I ate at the closest fast food place, Jack in the Box.  I didn’t have time to look up points, so I relied on the menu and the healthy dining symbol.  I got the steak teriyaki bowl.  I figured anything is better than a burger and fries, right?….. WRONG! When I finally got a chance to look it up, I discovered that it was almost 800 calories!!!!   I was so mad.  In what world is 800 calories “healthy dining”???  It tasted good but it wasn’t worth all those points.  I only had 3 points left for dinner.  I drank a lot of water and ate a Healthy Choice frozen meal.  Which ironically enough is actually a “healthy choice” I ended up only using 2 of my weekly overage points.  Not so bad considering I was bamboozled by Jack in the Box.  Lesson learned, look up the points BEFORE you eat it.

  1. Good for you! You took a hit but it didn’t stop you and you made great choices afterwards. And kudos for handling the breakfast the way you did!!

  2. Good work on making the good choices. I know how those eating out times can catch you on your points. One of the things that I have found invaluable is Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone ( Dottie is my WW hero. She has one of the most, if not the most extensive list, of resturants and thier points values available anywhere. The web page works fine for on the go if you have a web phone, but if you don’t the page is also downloadable in Palm OS. So, it works on a lot of cell phones. That in combination with the WW e-tools is a boost. Check it out and good luck.

    • Denise, I haven’t been on Dottie’s page in a long time. Thanks for reminding me. I feel like I can’t afford to make a mistake like that again.

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