Finally, after Days and Days of feeling kinda stuck in a slump.  I got my Mojo  back.  I’m ready!  I’m ready to love myself enough to treat my body like I deserve.  After about a week of not blogging, not working out and eating all kinds of devil food like cheesecake sundaes.  I’m finally ready.  I felt like that unhealthy lifestyle was what I wanted.  But after temporarily going back to it, I learned that it’s not.  Physically, my body was so stiff and my stomach was always upset from all that deep-fried and sugar filled food.  And mentally, it didn’t feel good either.  However, I did keep myself dedicated to my mirror challenge.   Every time I saw my reflection I said something good about myself.  Every single time.  Sometimes, you do have to be your own cheerleader.  Last night, I promised myself that before I visited any family or ate Memorial Day  BBQ, I had to go running in the park.  I overslept this morning, but decided not to use that as an excuse.  It was super hot outside too, and the gym was closed for the holiday, but I didn’t use that as an excuse either.  I couldn’t find the shorts I wanted to wear, but I didn’t use that as an excuse either.  I got dressed grabbed my water bottle and was on my way.  I remember that time I thought I almost died  from heat and dehydration, so I was more prepared for the humid hot weather today.  I ran to Week 1 of my podcast and I had a smile on my face the whole time.  It felt sooo good to workout again.  It was like my excitement was oozing off of me.  Other runners in the park were smiling and waving and cheering me on (yes, literally).   And then I saw him…this sexy chocolate brother walking over to the pond to go fishing.  Then, he said something to me, but I couldn’t hear him because my iPod was so loud.  I smiled and took out my headphones and said “I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you”  He reached out and touched my sweaty shoulder and said “nice moving”  I almost died!!! OMG! He was so cute.  I said thanks and kept moving.  If it wasn’t 95 degrees outside and I wasn’t already an hour and a half late for lunch, I would have turned around and let him see me “move nicely” again!  LOL!  Anyway, I successfully finished all of the running intervals in Week 1 and walked another mile or so and finished up a little over 2.6 miles overall.  I feel great, and I’m happy that I’m now craving good things.  I’m even going to keep my food diary on a holiday!

What did Carli Eat Today?

B– Snack crackers before my run & tons of water

L– Hamburger, Hot Dog, grilled zucchini & squash, Small side salad, slice of lemon cake and fruit for dessert

D– BBQ chicken and baked beans

  1. sounds like you should be moving nicely past the pond more often! good for you to get going! you’ve been my inspiration Miss Carli!!

  2. Good job getting back out there! I am starting week 4 tomorrow and half dreading/half looking forward to it after doing 2 weeks of week 3. My mom is ahead of me and she started after me so I have a little bit of motivation to get moving lol

    • Jenn that’s great! I know that half dreading/ half looking forward to it feeling all too well. You can’t let your Mom beat you. (Even though, I’m sure my Mom could beat me too!) LOL!

  3. Well Carli, you did it again. Sunday morning when the alarm went off I thought I would smash it, I was going to my first major hill climb. We started just after 5am, and my husband took off to catch up to some of running friends. I turned on my pod(week 1), and got moving. Well, I didn’t run at all that day, but I listened to weeks 1,2,and 3 of your pod cast and I ended up going all the way to the top. 7 miles!!!!! All uphill. As I live in Phoenix we often run in the desert. It’s always nice to hear your voice in my ears to keep me moving, since I usually end up by myself.
    Thanks again for all your help!!!! You keep getting out there and so will I.

  4. Hahahahahaha Carli! I loved your blog about that chocolate brother, and yes I agree with Helen, you should run past that pond more often… and keep telling us about it 🙂

    Great that you found your mojo again, but am sure that we all need to lose it once in a while just to remind us of why we are doing this. Without failure there is no triumph! I just finished week 3… I do not do it gracefully at all and am actually glad to be doing this outside where there are no mirrors LOL 🙂 but I get it done and move on… I never thougt I could do the 3 min runs but I did them now for 3 days! So now its week 4 next… scary as hell but am sure to be able to go through it with you in my ear… and yes… I talk back to you when you talk to me on the run hahahaha!!! I hope Im not crazy 🙂

  5. I have been following your podcasts and am now on Week 3. Can’t quite believe I will be running 5K in 6 weeks or so but you keep me going.

    Have to admit I talk back to you on the podcasts too ha ha. I’m so glad you got your mojo back.

    Now … I wonder if I can find a pond over here in the UK to run past?? hee hee

    • No, it’s crazy when “I” talk back to my podcasts! LOL. So you guys aren’t strange at all. Kirsty you had me really laughing, all the single girls all over the world are looking for cute men fishing at the pond! LOL!

  6. Hi Carli,
    What an inspiration you are! I just came across your site today and I am hooked! Somebody posted your link on the Coach to 5k facebook page, which is how I got your link. I’m in the process of downloading your podcasts so I can begin the running program.

    It is great to see your progress. I too am following WW points system, but am finding it a bit challenging at the moment…I find I obsess too much over the points, so I’m switching to the simply filling technique.

    Just wanted to let you know how great your site is.


    • Angie, I should obsess more about points! LOL Thanks for checking me out.

  7. I am starting my training tomorrow and am now actually looking forward to it now that i found your podcast! THANK YOU MAM! I am 30 and just finished chemo for breast cancer last yr. Now that i’ve let my body try to get back to normal (if that is what you can call it) I have made my mind up that i WILL run the Arkansas Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Oct. So here we go! Thanks for making this soooooo much for fun!!!

  8. Amy! That’s so inspiring, thank you for sharing your story. I know that you will proudly wear your survivor t-shirt.

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