Well in my mind I’m famous….  I got to cross off something on my goals list.  “Be in the Newspaper”… I thought I might be featured the local St. Louis newspaper one day, but I never imagined that I would touch people in other countries.  One of my readers who is also a Couch to 5k runner wrote a Canadian newspaper article about my blog and my podcasts.  I was so shocked and honored.  I don’t know where the link is to the article, so I just put the text here for you guys to read.  Enjoy.

Running into Shape

By Amy Woolvett



Psst!  I have a secret to share…exercising on a regular bases really, truly works!

I can’t believe it.  What is with the huge diet industries’ shakes, pills, nips and tucks, up then down then back up again craziness that is pushed on a daily bases through advertisements to everyone within reach of a magazine, remote control or mouse pad?

They make you believe that weight loss is a magic formula that you cannot possibly achieve on your own.

I am down 15 pounds (insert cheers here) and feel fantastic.  In exchange for these pounds of fat I just have to get moving for 30 minutes three times a week.

Lately I have been doing what I never ever thought I would do before and that is jogging.

Actually it is more wogging at this point, as it is not completely jogging.

I am on week four of a nine-week program that is called couch to 5k.

In nine weeks it turns you from a couch potato (me) into a runner who can easily run 5k in 25 minutes without absolutely dying or causing injury to yourself.

There are a few reasons why I really like this program.

One, I’ve already lost weight four weeks in and can see a bit of shape emerging from the jelly (I don’t think your ready for this jelly-Bootylicious song in week three podcast).

Two, there are a huge assortment of podcasts for the couch to 5k program that has killer music to keep you upbeat and going.

I like to download podcasts from carlifierce.com because the music fits perfectly my mood while running and changes every week, just to stir it up a bit.

O.K. so basically the program will start the first week with a five-minute warm-up of brisk (no strolling) walking.  Suddenly a voice will break through the beats of the podcast to let you know it’s time for a 90 second run.  Then again for a two-minute walk.  It will progress this way until 20 minutes have passed and then a five-minute cool down period.

The next week will up your pace a bit so that its three minutes walking, three minutes jogging, 90 seconds walking, 90 seconds jogging.

Intervals are the name of the game for this until you’ve worked yourself up to 5k without missing a beat.

I mostly do this alone but lately have been wogging (walk-jogging) with a friend.  We synchronize our podcasts right before we leave (I know…such nerds) and away we go.

I thought I’d go easy on her and go back to week one but she turned out kicking my but because her long legs made my pace twice as quick as it was.  She ran with the grace of a gazelle while I felt like the chubby three year old trying to keep up with daddy.  I was sweaty and sore and felt I couldn’t possibly continue to the end, but I did and felt fantastic.

There really is something to the endorphins and exercising connection.  It’s a very annoying thing to run into when you are not exercising (you know the peppy hand clapping girl you just want to shove into the mud).  But I do feel great the rest of the day and even (gasp) look forward to the next run.  (Feel free to push me into the mud if I get too peppy and annoying).

The thing is anyone can do this.  It doesn’t take a fancy gym or any special equipment.  We all have the ability to run, a good pair of shoes and for the girls a good bra is all you need to get going.

Lets hope the scales keep dropping their numbers as I feel great and get running into shape.

  1. WoooHoooo! Way to go!!! Very happy for you that you got to cross another thing off your list!!! Keep it going. What do you have comming up?
    Have a great day!

    • Thanks Tammy! I would love to cross off “LOST 75 Pounds” It’s taking forever, because I just like food! But I know I’ll get there.

  2. Carli – I’m on week 7 of your podcast THANK YOU! I ran for 25 minutes this morning and you helped me through every second of it!

  3. I am on week 3 of your podcasts. Love them! Thank you for spending the time and putting them on for us. I especially appreciate the encouragement at the end of every podcast. I needed that.

  4. Hi Carli just wanted to let you know that you are in the Icelandic Morning paper…..and I am going to download your podcast if I can figure it out….thanks from Iceland

  5. and one more thing, I will try to do your Podcasts in about 4 weeks as I am allready kind of used to run up to 5K, so I was wondering if you have any intentions about doing podcast 5k to 10K?

  6. This is not just in your mind…you are totally famous within my friends and family. Everyday there is a text, phone call, or facebook post “Did you run with Carli today?” I even downloaded bunches of the songs on the podcasts so I can have them when I am running longer than the podcasts. I told my mom you were talking about doing a 5K-10K program and we both were so excited.

    You are such an inspiration. I am down two sizes, almost 40lbs, and I feel great….and while I had to use all my willpower to continue much of this was inspired by you. You are FABULOUS! Just two weeks and I will be sending you my finish line photo!

    • Lorin! I’m in shock by your comment. Some days, I can barely drag my self to go running, it amazes me that I inspire others. Thank you for your kind words. 40 pounds is awesome!!! Keep up the good work. See you on the Wall of Fame.

  7. Hi Carli!! I´m from Iceland just like Solrun and wanted to let you know that you have saved my C25K program with your fantastic podcasts. I am now in week 9 and looking forward to finishing my goal. I’ll be looking out for your 5 to 10 K podcasts 😉 Thanks a million times for all your help!!

    xx Inga

    • Inga from Iceland! This is all so un-real to me. Iceland? Wow. Congrats on finishing the 5K!

  8. Hi Carli, I’m from Iceland as well as Solrun and Inga. I googled you February and downloaded your podcasts and started running. I had no stamina and I mean NONE. I spend last year in cancer treatment, chemo and radio. But to cut a long story short I’ve finished the program and done 2 official 5K runs already. Will post a pic to your Wall of Fame ;o) Thank you for putting your time and effort into this, you are a real inspiration. All the best from Icy. B. x

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