Hey Everybody. It’s so hot here in St. Louis, and I’ve been quite lazy. I felt like it was too hot to go to boot camp class on Tuesday and Thursday. It was over 90 degrees both days, and I  just couldn’t imagine doing jumping jacks or running bleachers in that type of humid heat. However, instead of hitting the gym, I hit the couch and watched TV….. I know that’s all bad. I could make a ton of excuses,  I was tired, and I stayed up all night with my sister, I was planning my b-day party or I worked overtime. All of which are true, but still just excuses. So, the truth is, I was just too lazy to fit it in. I thought about my blog every single day, but I didn’t really have much to say. However, when I woke up this morning, I said I will write a blog post tonight, and I will go workout. During church today, the pastor showed us pictures of his totaled car from an horrible accident where a truck hit him, and his car flipped several times, yet he says the hand of God reached down and saved his life.  By the time the paramedics arrived to the scene, he was no longer strapped in the driver’s seat but somehow miraculously placed in the back seat, still with his hat on his head and glasses on his face! Judging by the pictures of the wrecked car with most of the windows broken out, it’s nothing short of a miracle, that he was able to walk away with only a minor scratch. He shouted his favorite line, “Ain’t He Alright!” It was quite eye opening, it made me think back to my car accident when I physically could not work out for weeks, and wanted to,  but now I’m fully able and just too lazy. That’s not acceptable.  I wanted to make sure I would work out today, so I recruited my little sister for back up.  Once she was dressed and ready to go, I really didn’t have an excuse.  I poked around for a while, and finally put on my tennis shoes, shorts and a tank top.  My little sister likes working out in the park instead of the gym.  Today was another scorcher, up in the nineties, but since she was joining me I let her pick the location.  When we got there I had every intention on walking 3 miles, but I wasn’t even going to pretend to run with my podcast.  We got started, and walked and talked about our future dream houses and future careers.  After about a mile or so, the sun and the heat were just too unbearable.  We turned around and dragged ourselves back to my car.  Even when we were close enough to see the car, it still seemed far away, because it was just so darn hot.  Dripping sweat, we finally climbed in the car, I guzzled a warm bottle of water like a championship boxer, letting it drip down my chin and chest without care.   Mission accomplished…Well sort of.  Physically, I could have kept walking my because legs weren’t hurting, but I don’t think it would’ve been safe.  There was probably a weather heat advisory.  But, I’m satisfied, because we definitely burned more calories than we would have sitting at home watching a movie.

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