Everyday, I check my blog stats, I can see how many people stop by, and look at what they type in the search engine that directs them to my web page.  It’ s usually the same stuff like “Carli Running” or “Couch to 5K podcast” or “How do you get in shape running?”  But today, Oh my goodness I got the best laugh!  Somebody searched online and typed “Does Joel Osteen wear a weave?”  and found my RunningIntoShape site!  That was so freaking hilarious.  I love the motivational preacher Joel Osteen and I love my hair weave.  But I promise, there are no posts about Joel Osteen’s hair here.  His hair is always fabulous, but I seriously doubt that it’s “weave.”  However, I did get a new weave on Saturday, and I love it.  Check out my bathroom shot of my new hair do!  I’m still laughing.  By the way, I did work out today, running and the elliptical, but it’s super late, so I’ll give the details tomorrow.  I just had to share my funny story. Later!

  1. nice picture… I always like checking and seeing a new entry… please don’t be sending that crappy weather to Boston, okay? ….so, when is the St.Louis Carli Fierce 5K 10K? 🙂
    have a nice rest of the week….

  2. Hey Helen! It was 104 degrees today. I wouldn’t wish this heat on anybody. The St. Louis Carli Fierce 5K? I love it. Maybe one day.

  3. Week 7 Day 1 today! I thought about you (not just your voice) this morning while you were telling me to push that last minute, and I hope you’re running today, too. We’re part of your “great cloud of witnesses.” Go!

  4. I’m another one that found you through “Couch to 5K podcast,” but I’m excited to go back through your archives and check out the rest of your journey thus far!

  5. Dear Carli, i found your website looking for a training plan for running. thank you! i am going to start using your podcasts! my best friend’s sister is Ashley Johnston from the Biggest Loser and I wanted to applaud you on all your awesome efforts and encourage you that I know two real people that have worked VERY hard and have made health and weight loss possible. don’t give up and keep going and you can acheive your goals. Ashley is still working hard and working out all the time. it’s her life now. that’s how you have to look at it. 🙂 good luck!

  6. Hey Pam, thanks for commenting again. I didn’t make it out yesterday, but I made up for it today! I’m honored that you would even equate me with the “great cloud of witness” You made it to week 7! Whoo-hooo. 2 More weeks, I hope you have a race planned.

  7. Hey Blair welcome, and quite the journey it has been. Happy Running and happy reading!

  8. Brooke that is sooo cool! Ashley is too cute, I loved watching her on Biggest Loser, If we did it so can you. Make a plan, and stick to it.

  9. Carli,

    You are such an inspiration. I lost all of my motivation to lose weight bc I don’t have a workout partner. You have motivated me so with your story that I plan to download your podcasts this weekend and give it a go starting Monday. Thanks so much and keep up the awesome work!

  10. Lin, you didn’t lose “all” of your motivation, because you were still surfing the internet trying to figure out how to move forward. I hope that my podcasts and my sometimes too real blog can inspire you on your new journey to health and fitness.

  11. Thank you!

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